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Millennials are killing the suburbs too. Typical.

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Let’s offend Americans.

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A brief history of America’s most famous road.

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One of our occasional forays into the CityMetric postbag…

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Night of the living dead transport infrastructure.

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Climate change breathes new life into the movement’s mission

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Go west, life is peaceful there.

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The most centralised country in the you know the drill.

Here are 13 really aggravating things about the map of the United States

Look, I had a lot of time to think, okay?

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Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.

Podcast: presidential election special

Roads, ruins and racism.

For the US, climate change is a national security issue

A former naval meteorologist writes.

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Like a regular diet, only with tarmac.

We think of Canada as a long way north – but half its population lives south of Milan

The average European lives a long way north of the average Canadian.

US cities are light on veterans

Big cities are less appealing once you've been to war, apparently.