In Theory

Can an algorithm predict which businesses will close?

Researchers are trying to find out.

Why are cities so much hotter than the surrounding areas?

On the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect.

Study: Evacuating after a nuclear disaster is normally a waste of time and money

London's air is worse for you than radiation in Fukushima.

Why is airport food so bad?

Except, oddly, in London.

The nagging questions about Mobility As A Service

There just isn’t enough money.

Podcast: The Adventure of Richard Florida and the New Urban Crisis

Superstar cities and winner takes all urbanism.

Here’s why counting houses is hard

Wait... how many?

How do you create a new country?

A question of sovereignty.

How can we judge infrastructure spending?

Infrastructure investment ≠ growth.

How many continents are there?

Well it depends how you count.

So are trams really better than buses?

Two rails good, no rails bad.

Is it quicker to build homes on large sites, or small?

And you shall know our velocity.

What's the roundest country on earth?

Don't act like you're not interested.

Podcast: Help! Somebody save us!

Benjamin Barber, Brexit and blind panic.

Privately owned public space isn’t all bad – and 6 other lessons from planning research

Apparently you can use theatre to teach planning. Huh.

Wealth and car use are no longer related variables. Traffic congestion is not coming for our cities

Freedom and connection is now based on smart phones and social media.

Bits of 50 Chinese cities are falling over thanks to subsidence

Also contains Barbara Windsor. (No, really.)

Cities are great, for good left-wing reasons

A response to "Critical Cities".

From Legible London to Cleveland, Ohio: how maps can make sense of strange cities

We talked to Tim Fendley, founder of Applied Wayfinding, about pushing the boundaries of information design.

Does building more roads create more traffic?

A brief tour of the fundamental laws of road congestion.

Video: Alain de Botton explains how to make our cities more attractive

"Embarrassingly, the more appealing ones tend to be old."

India: smart cities need smart governance

Or how Modi’s 100 smart cities will be nothing more than 100 real-estate projects.

Which cities have the neatest grid systems?

Clue: definitely not London.

Signs, Screens, and Swerving

When we navigate the city, we use idiosyncratic connections, not maps and arrows.

What is a city, anyway?

It's a much more complicated question than you might think.