Uber and Lyft are cutting even further into the taxi market during the pandemic

In New York and Chicago, ride-hailing apps have accounted for more than 90 percent of trips taken during lockdown.

Can Uber really reduce drink driving deaths?

Sort of – but not everywhere.

Taxi firms in Lagos are competing to offer the best wifi connection

Well, if you're going to be stuck in traffic anyway...

Which cities stayed up latest on New Year's Eve?

5... 4... 3... 2... request UberX.

Uber promotion offers a 20 minute drive with "incredibly hot chicks"

Sit back, relax, and engage in some casual misogyny.

Uber fired a driver for tweeting mean stuff about them

They also have a really embarrassing email signoff.

Germany lifts Uber ban

For now, at least.

New women-only taxi service set to launch in New York

But did it have to be so pink?

Uber is now integrated into Google Maps and the New York Subway

It's easier than ever to experience surge pricing.