Smart Cities

How Covid-19 is shifting 'smart city' priorities

High-profile projects have been scaled down or scrapped. Instead, economic recovery and digital inclusion are the focus.

Podcast: Public enterprise

On enterprise zones and big data.

Google knows you took the bus: on the creepy accuracy of Google Maps Timeline

What shall we do with ambiguous geolocation data, early in the morning?

Smart mobility must be hardwired into the DNA of European cities

It’s time to prepare for the cities of tomorrow.

In many ways, smart cities are really very dumb

But if we can change them, it could benefit us all.

What would ‘smart countryside’ look like?

Putting technology to greener use.

True ‘Smart Cities’ should invest in libraries

An information hub, an innovation hub.

How can city governments ensure better public health?

Better incentives, better design.

The nagging questions about Mobility As A Service

There just isn’t enough money.

Can you crowdsource a city?

The wisdom of crowds.

So what exactly is a ‘smart city’?

A question of definition.

What will the city of the future look like?

Robots, renewables and drones, oh my.

Berlin offers a model for how cities can cope with increasingly regular extreme floods

Stadtschwamm; or how to stop the stadt from schwimming

Paris has a watery dream of swimming in the Seine – but can the planners take the plunge?

Paris is a man in his twenties in love with swimming outdoors, after all.

How can city car parks help solve the housing crisis?

Build high for happiness.

How London became the first smart city back in 1854

John Snow knew something about data.

Can smart mobility planning prevent the "Disneyfication" of Venice?

The alternative to the "de-tourism" strategy.

Cities, cyborgs and social science: how will we live in the year 2065?

On smart cities, smart dependency, and the ESRC.

We can use open data to make smart cities “searchable”

#stuckintraffic, searching and the not-so-smart city.

India: smart cities need smart governance

Or how Modi’s 100 smart cities will be nothing more than 100 real-estate projects.

Michael Bloomberg just donated $12m to five European smart city proposals

Facebook for grannies, a forum for Athens and an exciting day over in Huddersfield.

If the UK is to make its cities "smarter", they need stronger political leadership, too

Some thoughts on the first meeting of Westminster's new All-Party Parliamentary Group.

India’s new government is spending £700m on new smart cities

Less traffic, less stress, less need to pay bribes.