Delivery vehicles waste a lot of time searching for parking. Cities can fix that

The first careful study on the issue suggests drivers spend more than an hour circling for parking each day.

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Over 15 years, 548 pedestrians have died on UK sidewalks.

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The age of the car club. (Sponsored.)

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Infrastructure populism: on the politics of building big, or failing to

What do Johnson, Mussolini and Trump have in common?

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Sort of – but not everywhere.

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Most Londoners don’t even drive.

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Podcast: presidential election special

Roads, ruins and racism.

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Like a regular diet, only with tarmac.

No, London is not getting 13 new river crossings

Plans, proposals, and propaganda.

In Lagos, the traffic jams can add four hours to your commute

"On an open road the journey takes 15 minutes. In rush hour, it takes four hours."

Wealth and car use are no longer related variables. Traffic congestion is not coming for our cities

Freedom and connection is now based on smart phones and social media.

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Questions to which the answer is yes.

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Silicon u-bend! Or island! Or peninsula! Or...

Flying car prototype unveiled in Vienna

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