UK rail operators offer government a choice: Pay up, relax lockdown, or stop services

Train companies have received billions in subsidies since March.

To build its emerging “megaregions”, the USA should turn to trains

An extract from “Designing the Megaregion: Meeting Urban Challenges at a New Scale”.

Has the government just renationalised Britain’s railways?

No, but it’s probably killed franchising.

Where should Crossrail for the North go?

Getting the crayons out.

“A remarkable achievement”: the environmental case for building HS2

As big a threat to ancient woodland as one 14 mile road.

It’s time to give London Overground different line names

But what should they be called?

There is one good thing to be said for the Beeching Axe

Rail’s lost is cycling’s gain.

“You don’t look like a train buff”: on sexism in the trainspotting community

It’s not all middle-aged white men with anoraks.

“26 minutes late”: The diary of a Thameslink passenger

Turns out, it *is* as bad as they say.

11 things I’ve learned as a pre-Crossrail Crossrail commuter

Because Nessie hunters and Outlander fans need to get around too.

Joe Anderson: Why I resigned from the Northern Powerhouse Partnership

The Labour mayor of Liverpool has a few choice words for Chris Grayling.

Infrastructure populism: on the politics of building big, or failing to

What do Johnson, Mussolini and Trump have in common?

The case for Birmingham Crossrail, revisited

Get the crayons out, Gladys.

Updated: When does London’s Crossrail open?

We’re not calling it the Elizabeth Line until we have to.

A brief tour of Britain’s least used stations

Empty tracks at empty stations.

An official and objective ranking of London’s 14 major rail terminals

We will not be responding to complaints at this time.

Letter: Manchester’s Ordsall Chord was not the cause of its rail network’s problems

One of our occasional forays into the CityMetric postbag…

Are German trains really better than British ones?

Questions to which the answer is maybe.

So why is Northern Rail in chaos? Here are 11 reasons

A scandal twenty years in the making.

War and Peace and Trains: Geopolitics and railways on the Korean peninsula

It will be a long time before trains run from Seoul to Pyongyang.

Britain introduces major new rail timetable, watches network instantly collapse into chaos – LIVE!

New rail routes AND highly visible screw-ups? Ambassador, you are spoiling us.

Letter: Bristol also needs a Crossrail

Another dip into the CityMetric postbag.

Letter: In the USA, you need buses to make the trains work

One of our occasional forays into the CityMetric postbag…

Podcast: Dad jokes

A tribute, of sorts.

We should talk trains less – and buses more

Transport for the masses.

12 things we learned by reading every single National Rail timetable

Perfectly normal activity for very reasonable people.

Podcast: Eleven Minutes Late

A brief history of the British Railways, with Matthew Engel.

What’s in the government’s new rail strategy?

Reopening lines, reforming franchising.

22 reasons the hyperloop and driverless cars don't mean we don't need HS2

Just when I thought I got out they pull me back in.

How did the world’s major rail terminals get their names?

Locations and functions and battles, oh my.

How many railway terminals does London have?

Well, it’s complicated...

Worried Guildford will be destroyed by Chinese trains? Then you might not be very nice

No, the Chinese state is not running South West Trains.

Could New York City get its own CrossRail?

Well, no, but we can dream.

Podcast: The permanent way

Trains! Trains! Trains!

This is the route of the Hogwarts Express

Harry Potter and the helpful route map.

Why is Southern Rail cancelling so many trains?

The mysterious vanishing railway.

No, London is not getting 13 new river crossings

Plans, proposals, and propaganda.

Transport for Madeira: How to get around when you live on a volcanic island

We went to a Portuguese archipelago and all we got were these lousy photos.

Everything's turning orange: Here's why south London deserves the Overground

South London deserves a better service – users definitely pay for one.

The case for re-nationalising Britain's rail network

Fabulous savings to be made!

The Helsinki to Tallinn tunnel could be operational by 2030

Talsinkifix! Talsinkifix! Talsinkifix!

Everything you know about British train fares is wrong

Time to stop blaming the profiteers.

Video: The UK just got its first battery-powered train

Just insert 80,000 AA batteries, and away we go.

London could get a whole new rail terminal

First since 1899, fact fans.