Podcast: No Exit

On lockdown in Italy, and the role of urban art.

Podcast: Graphs of doom

As lockdown continues, we chat with Donna Hall of the New Local Government Network.

Podcast: Lockdown

Stephanie’s back!

Podcast: Rory Stewart has his porridge

A mayoral walk, rained off.

Podcast: The Great Manchester Mayoral Election

Off to Manchester with Jen Williams.

Podcast: Curtain raiser

Here come the locals.

Podcast: Commonwealth voices in Kingston, Jamaica

On the air pollution crisis in the Caribbean.

Podcast: 2019 Election Special

Well, here we go again.

Podcast: The real Middle Earth

To New Zealand!

Podcast: Into the Woods

Specifically, Epping Forest.

Podcast: Health and efficiency

Into the great outdoors.

Podcast: The battle for number two

On Rory, Bailey and the second city.

Podcast: The Power of Yes

Yes in my back yard.

Podcast: The Ancient Regime

Monica L. Smith on Cities: The First 6,000 Years.

Podcast: Trapped

Help me I can’t move.

Podcast: Public enterprise

On enterprise zones and big data.

Podcast: The country where I want to be

We’ve been to Finland.

Podcast: Global Britain and local Liverpool

International exports and the anti-Anderson coup.

Podcast: A place of worship

On Britain’s mosques.

Podcast: Flying high

Drones above the high streets of Britain.

Podcast: Into the Vortex

​Baby it's cold outside.

Podcast: The biggest story in the world

This week, we’re off to China.

Podcast: Food, glorious food

Let’s eat.

Podcast: Driving home for Christmas

On small towns, and running away.

Podcast: Going green

Not about Brexit!

Podcast: Council housing strikes back

Here we go again.

Podcast: Why aye, man

Our friends in the north.

Podcast: The rise of the robots

Fear and loathing in Tilbury.

Podcast repeat: Sex* and the city (*gender)

A replay from August 2016.

Podcast: Brizzle

Alright, my lovers?

Podcast: Social contracts

On community and infrastructure, towns and cities.

Podcast: Walking with Elizabeth

An 18 mile stroll along the Crossrail route.

Podcast: Scouse Exceptionalism

Skylines on tour!

Podcast: London Blues, #2

This time, we talk to Joy Morrissey.

Podcast: London Blues, #1

With Tory mayoral candidate Andrew Boff.

Podcast: God’s own country

This week, we’re off to Yorkshire.

Podcast: Mayoral health check

Halfway there.

Podcast: Letter from the Queen

One hundred not out.

Podcast: Lies, damned lies and the CPRE

Today we are angry.

Podcast: A huge, developing problem

On development, urbanisation and poverty.

Podcast: The other forty-nine

Let’s offend Americans.

Podcast: Second city blues

No, it’s not about Manchester.

Podcast: 1666 & All That

A tale of plague, war and hellfire in restoration London.

Podcast: The fat of the land

Crops, soil and cows.

Podcast: The Italian Job

The *other* north south divide.

Podcast: Victoriana

Bazelgette and co.

Podcast: Glasnost

Onwards, to Moscow!

Podcast: Our Town

With Lisa Nandy MP.

Podcast: The Post Mortem

So what did the local elections mean, then?

Podcast: Industrial revolution, industrial decline

A guest episode, from the Centre for Cities.

Podcast: The unitary state

Was Celtic devolution a terrible idea?

Podcast: A load of old bollards

Don’t get too excited, but this week we’re talking about street furniture.

Podcast: Four weeks out

Local elections time! Again.

Podcast: Blighty

A crossover with Talking Headways.

Podcast: Dad jokes

A tribute, of sorts.

Podcast: A local pound for local people

No better than Trump/

Podcast: Live from the crypt

Our first live podcast, recorded at the New Local Government Network conference.

Podcast: It’s Always Sunny...

On Philadelphia.

Podcast: Over the cliff

Uh, oh.

Podcast: The Big Freeze

Baby it’s cold outside.

Podcast: Our Friends In The North

Crossover time.

Podcast: Eleven Minutes Late

A brief history of the British Railways, with Matthew Engel.

Podcast: Africa Rising

New Year, old continent.

Podcast: Merry Xmas Everybody

Christmas special service.

Podcast: Nice

This episode is not about Nice, the title is an ill-considered joke.

Podcast: Fallen Empires

On Vienna, London, city states and Brexit.

Podcast: Section 106

Shelter talks housing.

Podcast: Slum networking

Oooh, a guest host, exciting.

Podcast: “What are the rest of your bad takes?”

On the ontological origins of tube-iness.

Podcast: The Missing White Rose

Why has devolution never come to Yorkshire?

Podcast: Let Us Play

Shouldn't cities be fun, too?

Podcast: The Adventure of Richard Florida and the New Urban Crisis

Superstar cities and winner takes all urbanism.

Podcast: The Arsonist and the Water Pistol

On Theresa May’s housing policies.

Podcast: The Eye of the Storm

There’s gonna be weather.

Podcast: Uber & out

A sad day. A sad, sad day.

Podcast: Shanks's Pony

Let’s take a walk.

Podcast: Beating the bounds

Where does London end, and something else begin?

Podcast: White heat

Or: why is York prettier than Wakefield?

Podcast: The Poison Sky

On air pollution.

Podcast: Transatlantic


Podcast: The slightly delayed 50th episode special

Celebrate good times, come on.

Podcast: Gimme Shelter

All Jonn, all the time.

Podcast: Going underground

Talking about the tube, eh? That's new.

Podcast: The Middle Bit

Go west, life is peaceful there.

Podcast: Election Special

Here we go, here we go, here we-

Podcast: Francophonie

Bonjour, ça va?

Podcast: SPQR

Up Pompeii, and other cities.

Podcast: Mistakes were made

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.

Podcast: Level Five

On election predictions and driverless cars.

Podcast: Bouncing back

De-industrialisation and everything after.

Podcast: Snap

Oh good, an election.

Podcast: Shakespeare’s Engine

We've been up to Birmingham to interview the next mayor of the West Midlands.

Podcast: Build more bloody houses

We finally did it.

Podcast: The Mersey Beat

This week, we're chatting Liverpool.

Podcast: Keep calm and carry on

Here we go again.

Podcast: The Manc of the hour

Andy Burnham speaks.

Podcast: Parallel histories

Where we’re going, we don't need roads.

Podcast: In the Loop

On Stephanie's adventures in Illinois.

Podcast: Now we are one

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.

Podcast: The permanent way

Trains! Trains! Trains!

Podcast: New year, new mayors

Metro, metro mayors.

Podcast: Parklife

Duh, d-duh, d-duh, d-duh-duh.

Podcast: The end of the world


Podcast: Trumpocalypse Now

Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.

Podcast: presidential election special

Roads, ruins and racism.

Podcast: Northern soul

On football and culture.

Podcast: How it all began

Daddy, where do cities come from?

Podcast: Sex* and the city (*gender)

The asterisk is pretty key, tbh.

Bonus podcast: Kings in the north

Metro, metro mayors.

Podcast: Let the games begin

This sporting life.

Podcast: Band on the run

Life on tour.

Podcast: Barbarexit

And then there was one.

Podcast: Help! Somebody save us!

Benjamin Barber, Brexit and blind panic.

Podcast: Crossing continents

Migration watch.

Podcast: Genius loci

The sense of the place.

Podcast: Cats in a bag

Identities and institutions.

Bonus podcast: Yes we Khan

Cor blimey guvnor, London's got a new mayor.

Podcast: Sound and vision

Art attack.

Podcast: One in five

On ghost cities of China.

Podcast: When cities attack

On earthquakes and eminent domain.

Podcast: You are here

This week, we're going into the map.

Podcast: Not a drop to drink

I'm parched.

Listen: What is a city?

CityMetric makes a guest appearance on the New Statesman podcast