New York

The pandemic economy could revive one of America’s ugliest fights over local control

Professor Kim Phillips-Fein explains today's parallels with New York City’s financial disaster in 1975.

Where coronavirus stopped pedestrians in their tracks

Rome and Paris saw the biggest drops in pedestrian activity. London, LA and Sydney saw the least.

How America prostrated itself before Amazon – and how New York took a stand

A long read on “the Hunger Games for cities”.

The New York subway system is dangerously inaccessible

Too many stations rely on stairs.

Could New York City get its own CrossRail?

Well, no, but we can dream.

Dubai and New York are both grand, vertiginous cities. So why is only one of them full of surprises?

"If you find other people irritating, Dubai is very attractive."

One man's mission to put New York's secret subway back on the map

Oh, yeah, there's a whole continent over there, isn't there?

All the parks the High Line copied

Imitator of a few, copied by many.

Manhattan trapped in the ice floes

The frozen apple.

Here are all the city parks attempting to copy New York's High Line

Next time, let’s just call it a park, eh?

Chinese visitors are shunning London

In 2013, the British capital received fewer Chinese tourists than Vancouver or Cairns.

Mapping New York City's slums

The hidden city.

New women-only taxi service set to launch in New York

But did it have to be so pink?

There are bedbugs on the New York subway

Oh sweet Jesus, Mary and God, no.

London named world's most influential city

But the UK remains “second rate". Sorry.