New Technologies

10 things you should know about e-bikes

A quick guide for the e-curious.

Google knows you took the bus: on the creepy accuracy of Google Maps Timeline

What shall we do with ambiguous geolocation data, early in the morning?

What will the future of housing look like?

Some futurology, from House Network.

The rise of the drones: Why the UK should empower cities to shape urban air mobility

Innovation charity NESTA on what drones mean for our cities.

Smart mobility must be hardwired into the DNA of European cities

It’s time to prepare for the cities of tomorrow.

In many ways, smart cities are really very dumb

But if we can change them, it could benefit us all.

Transport utopianism is stupid, and Elon Musk should shut up

The solution is the same as it ever was.

Podcast: The rise of the robots

Fear and loathing in Tilbury.

How will autonomous robots change our cities?

A tale of three living labs.

What would ‘smart countryside’ look like?

Putting technology to greener use.

What will the city of the future look like?

Robots, renewables and drones, oh my.

No, they haven't started building the Hyperloop

Great misleading press statements of our time.

How can we make the hyperloop a reality?

An engineering challenge.

Is the world ready for driverless transport?

It's all in the absorptive capacity, yo.

Could the planes of the future fly at hypersonic speeds?

Like missiles, but with passengers on them.

"Data helps us provide better transport": TfL on Oyster cards, big data and contactless payments

A conversation with TfL's director of customer experience Shashi Verma.

Cities, cyborgs and social science: how will we live in the year 2065?

On smart cities, smart dependency, and the ESRC.

Meet Hadrian, the bricklaying robot

Time to put in an order, Boris.

This is why we should be farming in skyscrapers

A short history of vertical farming.

Electric cars could help cool down our cities

Which would be pretty great, really.

We can use open data to make smart cities “searchable”

#stuckintraffic, searching and the not-so-smart city.

8 things that you can turn into WiFi hotspots

You need never ride a donkey without Twitter again.

In pictures: Amsterdam's rainbow train station

Where space technology and art collide.

This new rooftop mirror material can beam heat from buildings out into space

Turning the "coldness of the universe" to our advantage.

Flying car prototype unveiled in Vienna

We've waited long enough.

You can use fibre optics to predict landslides

When the earth moves, the sensors stretch.

Michael Bloomberg just donated $12m to five European smart city proposals

Facebook for grannies, a forum for Athens and an exciting day over in Huddersfield.

Should your robot driver kill you to save a child’s life?

The rise of the self-driving car poses ethical questions.

India’s new government is spending £700m on new smart cities

Less traffic, less stress, less need to pay bribes.

A controversial new app tells you where the “sketchy” parts of US cities are

Developers face questions about whether this counts as racist.

Boston is installing solar-powered phone-recharging benches

All that, and they monitor air pollution, too.

Could the UK’s next big export be urban development?

We already have a “future cities industry”, apparently.

China's new tool for fighting pollution and climate change: kilometre-tall skyscrapers

The tallest towers in the world would double as giant air and water filters.