Podcast: The Great Manchester Mayoral Election

Off to Manchester with Jen Williams.

When will Manchester become ‘people first’ and go car free?

Seize the zeitgeist or cede leadership to Birmingham.

Could tram-trains finally connect Stockport to Manchester’s Metrolink network?

Second hand toys are better than no toys at all.

Podcast: The battle for number two

On Rory, Bailey and the second city.

Which is England’s second city?

Well, it all sort of depends.

Should Manchester pedestrianise Deansgate?

Let’s look at the evidence.

Letter: Manchester’s Ordsall Chord was not the cause of its rail network’s problems

One of our occasional forays into the CityMetric postbag…

Podcast: Industrial revolution, industrial decline

A guest episode, from the Centre for Cities.

Podcast: The Manc of the hour

Andy Burnham speaks.

What are the issues in the Manchester mayoral race?

tl:dr: planning, congestion and care.

Who is running to be mayor of Greater Manchester?

Can anyone stop Andy Burnham?

How can city car parks help solve the housing crisis?

Build high for happiness.

Bonus podcast: Kings in the north

Metro, metro mayors.

Manchester Metrolink: six lessons for other cities

A brief history of Britain’s biggest tram network.

No, Greater Manchester never voted no to a mayor

Manchester and Greater Manchester are not the same thing.

Do the people of Manchester really want devolution?

Yes – but they probably don’t think of it like that.

Manchester's new airport tram line will be ready ahead of schedule

The UK's biggest tram network just got bigger.