Cycling on London’s Euston Road is still a terrifying experience

The new temporary cycle lane falls short in some key ways.

What's actually in the UK government’s bailout package for Transport for London?

Rapid changes to London’s transport policy were an explicit condition of the deal.

Covid-19 is highlighting cities' unequal access to green space

Our interactive tool shows how much green space people have access to across England.

Seven thoughts on TfL’s bail out from national government

Something like this was probably inevitable.

How a shuttered London Underground station became a model for green energy

A groundbreaking new facility will power 550 homes with excess heat from public transport.

Euston Road cycle lane features in London’s streets overhaul plan

The strategic cycling network moves a step closer.

Where coronavirus stopped pedestrians in their tracks

Rome and Paris saw the biggest drops in pedestrian activity. London, LA and Sydney saw the least.

Podcast: Lockdown

Stephanie’s back!

Podcast: Rory Stewart has his porridge

A mayoral walk, rained off.

For centuries, London has been the work capital of the world

An extract from Migrant City: A New History of London.

London’s rail and tube map is out of control

Okay, this is getting stupid now.

It’s time to give London Overground different line names

But what should they be called?

Podcast: Into the Woods

Specifically, Epping Forest.

Podcast: Health and efficiency

Into the great outdoors.

Podcast: The battle for number two

On Rory, Bailey and the second city.

Podcast: Trapped

Help me I can’t move.

“The rent has increased by 80 per cent, but the mould still keeps coming back”

Why do renters back rent controls? It’s a mystery.

How many airports does London have?

It’s complicated. Oh goody!

Why do businesses continue to cluster in London?

Trade, talent and time zones.

Is the era of multibillion-pound embassies in west London mansions over?

The real victims of the housing crisis.

Park Life: A brief history of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Early blogger Samuel Pepys was apparently fond of the lobster.

Neo Bankside v Tate Modern: A tale of two windows

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Park life: What’s the best park in London to hold a duel?

One two three four five six seven eight-

Here are 10 fictional tube stations from TV and film

We are definitely not running out of stuff to say about the real tube.

Park Life: On Burgess Park, the ever growing open space in south London

Highlights include: the absence of a canal.

“Gleaming skyscrapers built alongside medieval churches”

The Corporation of London’s chair of planning, on the future of the City.

“The housing crisis can’t be solved without urban land reform”

A Labour councillor in Southwark says It’s the land, stupid.

The case for solar energy in London

Bring me sunshine.

Park Life: On the repeated incineration of Alexandra Palace

Fire and mini golf in north London.

Should London demand better names for its tube lines?

A quick trip on the Tootancamden.

Firefighters didn’t cause the Grenfell Tower blaze: a broken system did

Labour’s Andrew Dismore on the true culprits.

In defence of moving to zone 4

I’m in a wide open space.

Park Life: In search of the lost palace of Wanstead Park

In the first of a new column, Ed gets lost in Epping Forest.

“26 minutes late”: The diary of a Thameslink passenger

Turns out, it *is* as bad as they say.

London’s councils spend £22m a year renting back homes they used to own. It’s time to scrap Right To Buy

Over 40 per cent of homes sold ended up in the hands of private landlords.

Rent controls are popular – but backing them is still a big gamble for Sadiq Khan

The mayor lacks the power, and the election is a long way off.

The media scumbag’s route of choice: A personal history of London’s C2 bus

...with an onion on his belt, which was the style at the time.

11 things I’ve learned as a pre-Crossrail Crossrail commuter

Because Nessie hunters and Outlander fans need to get around too.

Let's be honest: Most London commuter towns are unbelievably dull

Lewis Hamilton was kind of not wrong.

Podcast: Council housing strikes back

Here we go again.

How getting a dog made me hate London less

This is the train for Barking.

Have we passed peak London?

Signs and portents.

A brief history, and the murky future, of Britain’s almshouses

Many still require residents to hold specific religious beliefs.

Podcast: Walking with Elizabeth

An 18 mile stroll along the Crossrail route.

In London, cranes can be as significant as what they build – or destroy

On the true meaning of the capital’s cranes.

Podcast: London Blues, #2

This time, we talk to Joy Morrissey.

Podcast: London Blues, #1

With Tory mayoral candidate Andrew Boff.

Updated: When does London’s Crossrail open?

We’re not calling it the Elizabeth Line until we have to.

Households with solar panels are “effectively providing a subsidy to the commercial energy market”

A Labour member of the London Assembly calls for reform of renewable energy policy.

Chewing Gum Man’s new guerilla art project slips through the cracks on the London Underground

Ben Wilson’s moniker may have, ahem, stuck – but he’s moved on.

Podcast: Mayoral health check

Halfway there.

Here’s why Britain should move its capital

London doesn’t need it.

A brief guide to all the terrible homes I have ever rented

Oh thank you Mister Landlord for this hole in the ground.

An official and objective ranking of London’s 14 major rail terminals

We will not be responding to complaints at this time.

Polling shows how the politics of London differs from its suburbs

Outer London looks more like a northern town.

“Who is Hackney for?” Mayor Philip Glanville on the borough’s controversial changes to nightlife licencing

The Labour mayor on the east London borough’s decision to introduce ‘curfews’ for new nightlife venues.

How learning to navigate London on crutches revealed a new side to the city

The people aren’t as unfriendly as they say, you know.

Which football team does London support?

Football isn’t coming home – but home can still drive football.

Podcast: 1666 & All That

A tale of plague, war and hellfire in restoration London.

Poor productivity and high housing costs are driving a “living standards exodus” from London

Someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this, my family is dying.

How London became the tuberculosis capital of Western Europe

Don’t believe the anti-immigration groups.

“Who wants to be rich in a country that isn’t fair?” On London’s pro-Labour business community

A Labour councillor and businessmen on changing attitudes in the capital’s boardrooms.

What’s the best London film?

In search of the U.K.’s great ‘city films’.

The history of Brick Lane Mosque tells the story of the East End’s immigrant past

From Protestant Church to Jewish Synagoge to Great Mosque.

Thames Water has let Londoners down. It needs to do better

A Labour member of the London Assembly on the city’s water provider.

Could a notorious prison offer an escape route from London’s housing crisis?

And what does it tell us about the next Labour government?

London needs to reduce its plastic bottle use. Here’s how

A Labour member of the London Assembly on the city’s plastic problem.

Does Kings Cross need a second tube station?

The case for York Way.

What does Battersea Power Station signify?

Signs and signifiers.

The long and confusing history that explains why Charing Cross and Embankment are so weird

Going loopy in Squares with lots of Strands of thought.

Estate regeneration ballots can’t be a referendum of whether to build new homes at all

The Labour mayor of Hackney on the role of democracy in regeneration schemes.

21 TfL bus announcements that would improve Londoners lives more than ‘Hold on, the bus is about to move’

Public transport would be brilliant if it wasn't for the public.

Podcast: Fallen Empires

On Vienna, London, city states and Brexit.

A brief history of London’s Christmas lights

Oh, it’s all commercial these days.

Where did London’s parakeets come from?

A thriving immigrant community.

Councils can help tackle the housing crisis – but government has to step up

The Labour mayor of Tower Hamlets on solving the housing crisis.

The Highway Code is dead. We need a new movement code

Most Londoners don’t even drive.

Oh good, another pretty picture which won’t solve any of London’s actual problems

Do you want to be responsible for the next Thomas Heatherwick? Do you?

Podcast: Uber & out

A sad day. A sad, sad day.

“A sustainable NHS in London needs Londoners that are healthy”

After the “largest experiment London’s NHS has ever seen”.

When will London adopt pay-as-you-go road pricing?

It’s later than you think.

Podcast: Beating the bounds

Where does London end, and something else begin?

A London Grand Prix is less likely than it seems

Changed priorities ahead.

Where actually is South London?

Good question.

The view from Sacré-Cœur: on Paris, London and the case for urban density

“London should not be afraid to outgrow its own trees.”

How many tube lines does London have?

You wouldn’t thing this would be complicated, would you.

Podcast: Going underground

Talking about the tube, eh? That's new.

How many railway terminals does London have?

Well, it’s complicated...

Where are London’s real no go areas?

A very important CityMetric investigation.

Here are all London’s abandoned tube stations

Corpses beneath the streets.

Podcast: Keep calm and carry on

Here we go again.

Podcast: Parallel histories

Where we’re going, we don't need roads.

How did London come to be the world’s greatest financial hub?

The rise – and fall? – of the City of London.

Sorry, northerners, but London’s tube strike is national news

“Not everyone lives in London you know!”

How can city car parks help solve the housing crisis?

Build high for happiness.

Will self-driving cars Make the Suburbs Great Again?

“Telecommuting” didn't mean we all moved to Wales.

In which British cities do people work from home?

Land of Hope and Pyjamas

Protecting the view: how St Paul's Cathedral has been shaping the rest of London for centuries

If you really like looking at St Paul's that much, go marry it.

How London lost its Eiffel Tower

It could have been a contender. It could have been some city.

Quiz: Could you be a London cabbie?

Alright, guv, where to?

The central London airports that (mostly) never were

Why can't I take a helicopter to work?

The decision to expand Heathrow is a betrayal of the Attlee government's New Towns programme

“To create jobs in Berkshire, it will take jobs from Sussex.”

How London became the first smart city back in 1854

John Snow knew something about data.

Eight thoughts on TfL’s “new” walking tube map

Firstly: it's not actually new.

Is the night tube good for London?

Well, it depends how you count...

Seven reasons NIMBYs oppose new developments

“These yuppies breed like rats.”

Why is Southern Rail cancelling so many trains?

The mysterious vanishing railway.

Here are London’s 31 most aggravating station names

Who the hell was St. Pancras anyway?

When food is the question, cities are the answer

The chair of the London Food Board on the urban food policy.

The London Underground is updating its font

And it looks, well, exactly the same.

London's trams are finally joining the tube map

Great scoop, Geoff. We're not bitter.

Bonus podcast: Yes we Khan

Cor blimey guvnor, London's got a new mayor.

If we covered London like the media covers Africa...

The boondoggles of eccentric strongman “Bambo” Johnson.

This one chart explains why young Londoners are so angry about housing

Actually there are three charts, but... oh, you’ll see.

Six things we learnt from this London property tube map

Seven, if you count "estate agents are lazy".

No, London is not getting 13 new river crossings

Plans, proposals, and propaganda.

London could be getting a whole new set of pedestrian bridges

Walk on through to the other side.

Quiz: How well do you know the tube?

This is an easy one, right?

"Stand on the right AND left": Why has TfL introduced standing-only escalators?

A little less perambulation, a little more standing.

Everything's turning orange: Here's why south London deserves the Overground

South London deserves a better service – users definitely pay for one.

The housing bill doesn’t go far enough. It’s time to build on the green belt

By 2020, we're going to have 2m homes fewer than we need.

While Londoners whine about gentrification, other cities long for it

"We used to dream of having our own cereal cafe."

Here's a map of some of London's finest city farms

What? We just really like farms.

"Data helps us provide better transport": TfL on Oyster cards, big data and contactless payments

A conversation with TfL's director of customer experience Shashi Verma.

The key economic questions Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan needs to answer

Creating balanced and sustainable growth for the capital.

Labour’s mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan, on his plans to address London's housing crisis

"Solving the housing crisis will be at the heart of my mayoralty."

What will the capital look like in 20 years time?

What powers does the city need to thrive?

For London to live up to its promise, employers need to recruit from outside their comfort zone

"We cannot build a socially mobile society simply on the backs of entrepreneurs."

How did London become ground zero for the global plutocracy?

The safest place to hide your money.

CityMapper is offering Londoners journeys involving Crossrail, which doesn’t exist yet

Your next eastbound train will arrive in approximately three years.

How can London grow without eating itself?

Rethinking the capital.

Ivan Massow: “No matter how rich it is, a city that chokes its people is a poor one”

The Conservative mayoral candidate on his plans to improve London's air.

If London's housing "opportunity areas" are to succeed, its planning system will need reform

Fiscal devolution and simpler rules could unlock 300,000 new homes.

What can the next mayor to do combat London's air pollution?

A Green politician puts forward some plans.

London still generates more than twice the tax revenue than the entire Northern Powerhouse region

London’s boom is good for Britain – but it depends on the rest of the country, too

Flights to Scotland and the north are being squeezed out. That's why we need to expand Heathrow

Domestic destinations served from Heathrow: 19 in 1990, 7 in 2014.

Six things other cities can learn from Transport for London's success

As unlikely as it seems, London is actually pretty good at this stuff.

Which is London’s hottest tube line?

Our utterly definitive and extremely scientific ranking.

Here's why London's airports need more runway capacity

Frankfurt has more runways than Heathrow and Gatwick combined.

London’s iconic tube map is 84 years old. It’s time to scrap it

Old Harry Beck would be turning in his grave.

General Election 2015: What do the results mean for London?

Is Labour now the party of cities?

What can place branding do for London?

The case for the capital.