The hypocrisy of Europe's big corporate landlords

Despite charitable giving, they've offered little relief to struggling tenants.

The promise and peril of the United States' affordable housing vouchers

Author Eva Rosen studied a neighbourhood with many Section 8 renters to understand how the programme affects their lives.

In South Africa's cities, evictions are happening despite a national ban

The main targets are residents living in informal dwellings.

A new wave of remote workers could bring lasting change to pricey rental markets

As Silicon Valley embraces telework, monthly rents are dropping in the area.

Urgently needed: Timely, more detailed standardized data on US evictions

A newly created database is a good start, but nowhere near enough.

Could zoning help the UK build its way out of a housing crisis?

A new report suggests a plan to address failures in the UK housing market.

Airbnb rentals are reverting to long-term housing. That may not change the affordability crisis

A slight drop in some cities' rents could be limited to the upper end of the market.

In expensive cities, the future of residential construction is deeply uncertain

An adequate housing stock is crucial to any city’s health.

We run housing policy for three European cities. Here's what governments must do next

Much more needs to be done to protect households from the long-term economic impacts of the pandemic.

How China's growing cities are adapting to pressures on housing and transport

The country's rapid urbanisation offers some lessons for urban planning.

Why US cities haven't just given every homeless person a hotel room during the pandemic

“We're in a build-the-plane-while-you-are-flying-it mode here."

For renters, an affordable housing crisis was already raging. Then coronavirus hit

Landlords are reporting notable decreases in rent payments, and it's only the first month.

The Right To Buy is now the biggest threat to the Right To Buy, argues LGA

Could this be the thing that finally gets councils building?

Minimum Space Standards are making the housing crisis worse

Over consumption and reduced supply.

What’s actually in the “Building Better Building Beautiful” Commission’s report?

“New places are designed by the wheelie bin operators.”

The Tory manifesto promises to both increase AND decrease the rate of housebuilding

Do the Conservatives even have a housing policy?

A Tory housing minister just said that it’s okay for you to spend half your salary on housing

I sometimes feel like they’re not taking this crisis terribly seriously.

We face an accessible housing crisis of our own making

And the next government needs to fix it.

Podcast: The Power of Yes

Yes in my back yard.

The supply obsession won’t solve the housing crisis

The cast against more bloody houses.

The case for a new Healthy Homes Act

No, the TCPA isn’t only interested in new towns.

Has Jacob Rees-Mogg just come out as a YIMBY?

Build more blasted houses, if you please.

“The rent has increased by 80 per cent, but the mould still keeps coming back”

Why do renters back rent controls? It’s a mystery.

Could a housing court fix the UK’s rental woes?

Reaching the steps of the courthouse is uncommon for most renters looking to address a housing case.

The rise in vacant properties exposes the housing shortage myth

It’s finance, not supply, that is to blame for the housing crisis.

“The housing crisis can’t be solved without urban land reform”

A Labour councillor in Southwark says It’s the land, stupid.

In defence of moving to zone 4

I’m in a wide open space.

A roadmap for how to Make The North Great Again

It’s time we got serious.

What will the future of housing look like?

Some futurology, from House Network.

London’s councils spend £22m a year renting back homes they used to own. It’s time to scrap Right To Buy

Over 40 per cent of homes sold ended up in the hands of private landlords.

Rent controls are popular – but backing them is still a big gamble for Sadiq Khan

The mayor lacks the power, and the election is a long way off.

Help to Buy is finally being scrapped. Here’s why it was a terrible idea

Bad news for developers, good news for first-time buyers.

Google is lovingly creating a time-capsule of Britain’s homelessness crisis

You’d think ministers would feel shame, but no.

The Canal & River Trust: the local council hiding in charity’s clothing

Are live-aboard boaters’ rights being overlooked?

Podcast: Council housing strikes back

Here we go again.

Oh, great: young people face longer commutes for less pay

All aboard the Millennial Express.

In defence of ‘brownfield-first’ housing policies

The co-ordinator of the Smart Growth UK coalition on the case for prioritising brownfield sites.

A brief history, and the murky future, of Britain’s almshouses

Many still require residents to hold specific religious beliefs.

Podcast: Lies, damned lies and the CPRE

Today we are angry.

A brief guide to all the terrible homes I have ever rented

Oh thank you Mister Landlord for this hole in the ground.

“Enforce the laws we have before creating new ones”: why landlords object to plans for longer tenancies

The policy director of the Residential Landlords Association writes.

Here’s why government plans for longer tenancies don’t go far enough

“If the landlords want somewhere to live, they can rent.”

In Canada, it’s time to challenge the myths about millennials and housing

No, they don’t all want to live in cupboards.

No, crazy house price increases are not purely a London phenomenon

How have house prices changed in Britain’s biggest cities?

Ten myths about council housing – and one ask

A Labour councillor on what we get wrong about council housing.

Could a notorious prison offer an escape route from London’s housing crisis?

And what does it tell us about the next Labour government?

“Homeownership has collapsed. Good riddance”

Time for the property renting dream.

Estate regeneration ballots can’t be a referendum of whether to build new homes at all

The Labour mayor of Hackney on the role of democracy in regeneration schemes.

Podcast: Our Friends In The North

Crossover time.

What I learned by watching French property programmes

Recherche appartement ou maison.

What is to be done? Some modest suggestions on solving the NIMBY problem

Do you have a licence to oppose this development, sir?

Is Britain’s housing crisis a myth?

Is it possible that I’m... wrong?

Podcast: Section 106

Shelter talks housing.

Councils can help tackle the housing crisis – but government has to step up

The Labour mayor of Tower Hamlets on solving the housing crisis.

Here’s how councils can jumpstart housebuilding

An ambitious package of policy reforms.

Here’s why rent control might make the housing crisis worse

To tackle the housing crisis, we need to build more houses.

Here’s why counting houses is hard

Wait... how many?

Can Britain cope with a fall in house prices?

Build more bloody financial implosions.

Podcast: The Arsonist and the Water Pistol

On Theresa May’s housing policies.

“The Social Housing Green Paper is another delaying tactic to put off fixing the broken housing market”

It’s time to let councils build, says the Labour mayor of Hackney.

Podcast: Gimme Shelter

All Jonn, all the time.

The view from Sacré-Cœur: on Paris, London and the case for urban density

“London should not be afraid to outgrow its own trees.”

The British housing crisis, in five charts

Or: why the Conservative party is in huge, long-term trouble.

The Grenfall Tower fire highlights a broken social housing system

The ugly side of the regeneration agenda.

The real losers of this election were landlords, apparently

Won’t someone think of the rentiers?

Podcast: Build more bloody houses

We finally did it.

The new green belt atlas shows quite how much space England has left for housing

A golf course is just a housing estate you haven't met yet.

So why was the housing white paper such a damp squib?

Personally, I blame the parents.

Depressing housing chart of the week: Help To Buy meant help the rich

I am shocked, shocked, by this revelation.

How can city car parks help solve the housing crisis?

Build high for happiness.

Where are the right places for England's new homes?

More importantly: where do we want them to be?

Autumn statement: Letting fees are awful, and Philip Hammond is right to ban them

A sad day for the noble guild of estate agents.

Is it quicker to build homes on large sites, or small?

And you shall know our velocity.

Welfare reform could price tenants out of social housing

The most depressing bit of housing research you'll see today.

The decision to expand Heathrow is a betrayal of the Attlee government's New Towns programme

“To create jobs in Berkshire, it will take jobs from Sussex.”

Here's why building more houses isn't enough to bring prices down

Build more bloody non-market houses.

The case for government-backed 100% mortgages

Borrowers of the world unite.

Property bargain of the week: own Harry Potter's house

Well isn’t that just wizard.

Mildly depressing housing chart of the week: summer doldrums

A new feature that'll appear in the regular slot of whenever we can be bothered.

“Regeneration in Hackney will not mean the net loss of a single council home”

Hackney’s deputy mayor on tackling the capital’s housing crisis.

Seven reasons NIMBYs oppose new developments

“These yuppies breed like rats.”

Here’s the case against regulating landlords

As told by, er, a landlord.

The government's housing policies will make the crisis worse

A Labour MP on the government's damaging housing & planning bill.

Which British cities have most social housing?

And what does it have to do with house prices?

This one chart explains why young Londoners are so angry about housing

Actually there are three charts, but... oh, you’ll see.

Estate regeneration can be done well. Here’s how

Seven habits of highly effective regenerations.

Could new “right to rent” immigration checks put domestic violence victims at risk?

“What will happen if you don't have that piece of paper?”

Six things we learnt from this London property tube map

Seven, if you count "estate agents are lazy".

Can better housing policy improve physical health and mental wellbeing too?

A philosophical inquiry into the religion of the Pope.

The housing bill doesn’t go far enough. It’s time to build on the green belt

By 2020, we're going to have 2m homes fewer than we need.

Where are Britain's cheapest houses?

The other end of the ladder.

The key economic questions Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan needs to answer

Creating balanced and sustainable growth for the capital.

Labour’s mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan, on his plans to address London's housing crisis

"Solving the housing crisis will be at the heart of my mayoralty."

Where are Britain's most expensive houses?

The golden triangle strikes again.

If London's housing "opportunity areas" are to succeed, its planning system will need reform

Fiscal devolution and simpler rules could unlock 300,000 new homes.

London doesn't only need houses – we should protect its industrial land, too

A city needs jobs, goods and services, too.

6 reasons why private renting sucks

Damp, cold, broke, sad and probably on fire.

British government congratulates itself for presiding over a growing housing crisis

Things are getting worse very slightly less quickly than before.

"The story of the Haggerston Estate is the story of social housing in Britain"

On Andrea Zimmerman's film, "Estate: A Reverie".

A Conservative solution to London's housing crisis: get councils building again

Britain needs a new generation of social housing.

6 planning loopholes which screw over affordable housing

Reasons to never be cheerful again.

"There is no shortage of land. None, zero, anywhere": the NHF's David Orr talks to CityMetric

The chief executive of the National Housing Federation tells us how we got into this mess.

7 London boroughs are more than 25% green belt

Bromley's green belt alone could eat most of inner London.

We need to rethink the Green Belt

It’s expensive, it’s inconvenient, and it’s not even environmentally friendly.

Why the baby boomers owe it to us to back rent control

Part of the problem, part of the solution.

“Buy-to-leave” flats are forcing Londoners out of their homes

So Islington has come up with a plan.

Here's why it matters where we draw city limits

The greenbelt isn't the only thing holding cities back.

The global affordable housing crisis

A third of city-dwellers could be living in unsafe housing by 2025.

Here's how we solve the housing crisis

Just 5% of the green belt could provide 1.4m homes, says Centre for Cities report

Mapping London's residential rents

Reach for the skies!

Mapping the UK’s housing wealth

A new way of illustrating London's affordability crisis.

Today's London property bargain: the million pound room

Crying inside. And outside. Basically just crying. Oh god.

8 other homes you could buy for the price of the average London house

We’re crying inside. Also, actually, outside.

Today's London property bargain: the million pound granny flat

It’s just possible that this one’s been over-priced.

Chart: Why the French government wants to tackle Paris’s housing crisis

Dreaming of a Parisian pied-à-terre? Dream on.

The Wolfson Economics Prize: Here’s how we double the size of Oxford

The “snowflake” plan for Britain’s new garden cities.

The mayor of Paris is kicking councillors out of council-owned homes

Anne Hildago is on a crusade to address the city's housing crisis.

Today's London property bargain

Everything's going to be fine.

A secondary housing market could give Britain the homes it needs

Time to break investors' stranglehold.

LA developer backs down on poor door

And a rich-people-only swimming pool.

Chart: If you want a cheap house, don't go to Australia

Perth's house prices have doubled in five years

The London development without a poor door

Because providing affordable housing is too expensive.

It's time to work out which green belt land we should build on

It's not all the North Downs, you know.