British cities face a long overdue reckoning with racist monuments

Protesters in Bristol have opened the floodgates across the UK.

Why you shouldn't confuse 2020 for 1968

Author and historian Rick Perlstein discusses the current limits on law-and-order politics.

This week's protests have already led several US cities to remove racist monuments

It's happened in Philadelphia, Alexandria and Birmingham.

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The Brazilian capital remains a city of contrasts and disparities.

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A short history of the corporation trams.

Podcast: The Ancient Regime

Monica L. Smith on Cities: The First 6,000 Years.

The heart of Cajun country is decidedly different from the rest of the US

In Lafayette, a truck is often just “un truck.”

How city tours can help tackle homelessness

People who have lived on a city’s streets can be best placed to tell its stories.

Three ways the geography of Britain’s exports has changed since 1841

From red brick factories to glass skyscrapers.

Park Life: A brief history of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Early blogger Samuel Pepys was apparently fond of the lobster.

Park life: What’s the best park in London to hold a duel?

One two three four five six seven eight-

Park Life: On the repeated incineration of Alexandra Palace

Fire and mini golf in north London.

Germania: Hitler’s failed plan to tear down Berlin and build a Nazi Supercity

The first glaring problem is the obviously very boring name.

Park Life: In search of the lost palace of Wanstead Park

In the first of a new column, Ed gets lost in Epping Forest.

Was Barbara Castle the best transport secretary Britain ever had?

Fifty years of the landmark Transport Act.

Podcast: 1666 & All That

A tale of plague, war and hellfire in restoration London.

Route 66 built communities. The interstate system destroyed them again

A brief history of America’s most famous road.

Podcast: Victoriana

Bazelgette and co.

A very brief history of council housing

A review of Municipal Dreams, by John Boughton.

Podcast: Industrial revolution, industrial decline

A guest episode, from the Centre for Cities.

The history of Brick Lane Mosque tells the story of the East End’s immigrant past

From Protestant Church to Jewish Synagoge to Great Mosque.

Podcast: It’s Always Sunny...

On Philadelphia.

The long and confusing history that explains why Charing Cross and Embankment are so weird

Going loopy in Squares with lots of Strands of thought.

Urbicide: the killing of a city is an attack on the human condition

City scapes remain the plaything of the powerful.

On Walter Benjamin, and the “Arcades Project”

The greatest urban theorist you’ve never heard of.

Why does Britain struggle to build power plants?

Blame the project managers.

Where did Liverpool start?

A castle by a pond.

Podcast: White heat

Or: why is York prettier than Wakefield?

Where’s the oldest part of Birmingham?

In search of Ye Olde Brumme.

Podcast: SPQR

Up Pompeii, and other cities.

Here are all London’s abandoned tube stations

Corpses beneath the streets.

Here are some of the world's most stupid time zones

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

Where did England’s counties get their names?

Your (my) questions answered.

“Strange how the name of a city can come to mean an event, rather than a place”: Aleppo before ‘Aleppo’

A city the size of Manchester, with 7,000 years of history behind it.

How London lost its Eiffel Tower

It could have been a contender. It could have been some city.

The decision to expand Heathrow is a betrayal of the Attlee government's New Towns programme

“To create jobs in Berkshire, it will take jobs from Sussex.”

How London became the first smart city back in 1854

John Snow knew something about data.

Podcast: How it all began

Daddy, where do cities come from?

In pictures: the bridges of Baghdad

Iraqi infrastructure down the years.

When food is the question, cities are the answer

The chair of the London Food Board on the urban food policy.

Bored at work? Here’s a Google-style digital map of the Roman Empire to play with

All roads lead to, well, they don’t, actually.

Ninevah, Antioch, Lepcis Magna: The "global cities" of the Ancient World

Three ancient cities to rival London, Paris and New York

A brief guide to Tianjin, past, present and future

China's cities have made history. Now it's time to make them safer

Experiments in socialist urbanism: From Red Vienna to Red Bologna

Two different examples of what happens when socialists control urban policy.

Coffee shops: the hangout of choice for 18th century hipsters

"I've got this new hot drink. It's pretty obscure, you won't have heard of it."

9 things we learnt from The Map That Made Manhattan

The Commissioners' Plan of 1811: the world's most successful urban planning document.

The story of the world’s smallest skyscraper

I’d double check those blueprints if I were you.