Podcast: Health and efficiency

Into the great outdoors.

Can places make us healthier?

Sick city syndrome.

What’s killing northerners?

Alcohol, inequality and transport infrastructure are to blame for the disparity in health between north and south.

How innovative home design could revolutionise dementia care – and even slow down symptoms

Without a miracle drug on the horizon, architects are getting creative.

How London became the tuberculosis capital of Western Europe

Don’t believe the anti-immigration groups.

How can city governments ensure better public health?

Better incentives, better design.

“A sustainable NHS in London needs Londoners that are healthy”

After the “largest experiment London’s NHS has ever seen”.

Can India’s urban future be a healthy one?

Does moving to cities mean swapping health for a better life?

Does cycling increase your risk of prostate cancer?

Stop sniggering at the back there.