North Macedonia: The long history behind the country’s new name

Previous suggestions included New Macedonia, Upper Macedonia, Vardar Macedonia and Macedonia-Skopje.

Germania: Hitler’s failed plan to tear down Berlin and build a Nazi Supercity

The first glaring problem is the obviously very boring name.

If Juncker wants a stronger, more united Europe, he should listen to its cities

Big on big things and small on small things.

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An open letter from Daniël Termont, the mayor of the Belgian city of Ghent.

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Podcast: The permanent way

Trains! Trains! Trains!

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Funny how this didn't come up in the referendum.

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We need to stop telling ourselves we're a rich country.

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Our long national nightmare is over – or just beginning!

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What could possibly go wrong.

Here's everything we learned from this map of all Europe's tram systems in Czech

In many ways, we feel, this is the ultimate CityMetric post.

We think of Canada as a long way north – but half its population lives south of Milan

The average European lives a long way north of the average Canadian.

The Helsinki to Tallinn tunnel could be operational by 2030

Talsinkifix! Talsinkifix! Talsinkifix!