England's North

What should the new North of Tyne mayor’s priorities be?

England’s newest metro mayor will be elected next month.

What’s killing northerners?

Alcohol, inequality and transport infrastructure are to blame for the disparity in health between north and south.

A roadmap for how to Make The North Great Again

It’s time we got serious.

Joe Anderson: Why I resigned from the Northern Powerhouse Partnership

The Labour mayor of Liverpool has a few choice words for Chris Grayling.

Podcast: Why aye, man

Our friends in the north.

“Inclusive investment is the foundation of a global city region”

The Labour mayor of the Liverpool City region on its £500m new Strategic Investment Fund.

“The enabling authority”: What explains Warrington’s economic boom?

Highest productivity in the north west, fact fans.

Some thoughts on why Sheffield’s economy has struggled

Hard times in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire.

Letter: Manchester’s Ordsall Chord was not the cause of its rail network’s problems

One of our occasional forays into the CityMetric postbag…

What’s the matter with Sheffield?

Trouble in the People’s Republic.

How Hull went from crap town to City of Culture

And what it says about Brexit Britain.

Here’s why we should Build More Bloody Offices in Liverpool

This month’s letter from the Liverpool City Region

Podcast: White heat

Or: why is York prettier than Wakefield?

Who will be mayor of the Tees Valley?

The world turned upside down.

What are the big issues in the Tees Valley mayoral race?

Includes: should there actually be a mayor?

Podcast: The Manc of the hour

Andy Burnham speaks.

Who is running to be mayor of Greater Manchester?

Can anyone stop Andy Burnham?

Why is Yorkshire so bad at exporting?

Answers on a postcard.

Podcast: Northern soul

On football and culture.

Five thoughts inspired by three days in Liverpool

On industry, transport and name recognition.

If George Osborne wants to support the Northern Powerhouse, he should run for mayor of Manchester

With apologies to Mancunians everywhere, I am quite serious about this.

Bonus podcast: Kings in the north

Metro, metro mayors.

Corbyn is wrong: stopping London’s growth won’t rebalance the economy

If firms leave London, they won't head for the north.

Sorry, but the Northern Powerhouse can't cover the entire north

To defend everything is to defend nothing.

How should the British government deal with the Teesside steel closure?

Time to foster new industries in Middlesbrough.

Where are the largest cities in Britain?

Asking the big questions. (Geddit?)

Which British cities are most dependent on the state?

It's a little bit more complicated than that actually.

Where are the UK’s most productive cities?

It’s not as simple as north vs south.

London still generates more than twice the tax revenue than the entire Northern Powerhouse region

London’s boom is good for Britain – but it depends on the rest of the country, too

General Election 2015: Here are three ways to make English devolution a reality

Think long term, show me the money, and start at the bottom.

The cities of southern England are undergoing a population boom

But growth creates its own challenges.

The cities of southern England are undergoing a population boom

But growth creates its own challenges.

Sheffield agrees devolution deal

The south will rise again.

11 things we learnt at the Northern Futures Summit

Fear and loathing in West Yorkshire.

Do the people of Manchester really want devolution?

Yes – but they probably don’t think of it like that.

Two maps that show why England's cities want devolution

Eeeeeeeeeverybody hates London.

The London problem in two charts

The capital's economy: bigger than the next eight English cities combined

“It’s striking how London is the only major conurbation that features on a global scale of any relevance.”

Jim O’Neill, the chair of the City Growth Commission, talks to CityMetric.