How the urban-rural divide is undermining China's economic success

Restrictions on rural citizens reinforce discrimination and a persistent wealth gap, the writer Dexter Roberts says.

Bank branches are closing, and they’re leaving the most disadvantaged areas behind

Underserved neighbourhoods already have fewer banks, and they're losing them faster, a CityMetric analysis shows.

For centuries, London has been the work capital of the world

An extract from Migrant City: A New History of London.

Is all economics local?

Some are more equal than others.

Why do businesses continue to cluster in London?

Trade, talent and time zones.

Podcast: Global Britain and local Liverpool

International exports and the anti-Anderson coup.

Three ways the geography of Britain’s exports has changed since 1841

From red brick factories to glass skyscrapers.

Beyond Preston: How local wealth building is taking the UK by storm

Local wealth building is slaying the neoliberal dragon of trickle-down economics

The rise in vacant properties exposes the housing shortage myth

It’s finance, not supply, that is to blame for the housing crisis.

Podcast: Into the Vortex

​Baby it's cold outside.

A roadmap for how to Make The North Great Again

It’s time we got serious.

Poorer cities have borne the brunt of austerity. Time to fix it, Chancellor

The chief executive of the Centre for Cities on its latest survey of urban Britain.

Let's be honest: Most London commuter towns are unbelievably dull

Lewis Hamilton was kind of not wrong.

So why isn’t Newcastle booming?

Office space, the final frontier.

So is London really a drain on the rest of the country?

Twitter should be fun after this one.

Podcast: The rise of the robots

Fear and loathing in Tilbury.

Have we passed peak London?

Signs and portents.

“The enabling authority”: What explains Warrington’s economic boom?

Highest productivity in the north west, fact fans.

Which UK cities will suffer most from the end of Freedom of Movement?

When do we get our £300m a week, exactly?

Some thoughts on why Sheffield’s economy has struggled

Hard times in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire.

Route 66 built communities. The interstate system destroyed them again

A brief history of America’s most famous road.

Poor productivity and high housing costs are driving a “living standards exodus” from London

Someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this, my family is dying.

Podcast: The Italian Job

The *other* north south divide.

No, crazy house price increases are not purely a London phenomenon

How have house prices changed in Britain’s biggest cities?

The most important graph in British economics

Agglomeration disbenefits.

Podcast: Industrial revolution, industrial decline

A guest episode, from the Centre for Cities.

England should look to the United States to revive its local economies

Time for a place-based industrial strategy.

Podcast: A local pound for local people

No better than Trump/

Can you have capitalism without capital? Brighton, Ankara, Ghent and the intangible economy

Bright sparks, big ideas and black clouds on the A23.

“The Midlands and the North of England are more exposed to Brexit than any other region in Europe”

There is no real representation from either the most exposed sectors or the most exposed regions

Can local employment training help address the UK’s productivity puzzle?

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

What’s the matter with Sheffield?

Trouble in the People’s Republic.

Does the UK really have a productivity problem?

A question of definition.

To bring back trust in politics, Britain needs a local measure of GDP

Nobody noticed when the South Yorkshire economy collapsed.

It’s a KIBS thing: Are some British cities going backwards?

Questions to which the answer is erm.

Podcast: Bouncing back

De-industrialisation and everything after.

Want to grow the British economy? Learn the lessons of Germany's Mittelstand

The LibDem candidate to be mayor of the West Midlands on what we can learn from the German economy.

Why is Yorkshire so bad at exporting?

Answers on a postcard.

Where do Britain's graduates move to – and why?

Exploring the brain drain.

How can city car parks help solve the housing crisis?

Build high for happiness.

How does the economy of Liverpool compare with similar cities?

This could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool, or Nice.

British cities are falling behind their European competitors – so what do we do?

Funny how this didn't come up in the referendum.

The vast majority of British cities are less productive than the European average

We need to stop telling ourselves we're a rich country.

Quiz: Can you name the British city from a chart of its economy?

Mmmm.... knowledge-intensive business services...

Corbyn is wrong: stopping London’s growth won’t rebalance the economy

If firms leave London, they won't head for the north.

The progressive case for Uber

Share and share alike.

Are booming cities always growing cities too?

It's the economy, stupid.

How can British cities attract start ups?

We can't all be Silicon Fen.

Where are England's most deprived communities?

Islington's less posh than you think.

Where are Britain's cheapest houses?

The other end of the ladder.

Where are Britain's most expensive houses?

The golden triangle strikes again.

A brief guide to Tianjin, past, present and future

China's cities have made history. Now it's time to make them safer

Which British cities are most dependent on the state?

It's a little bit more complicated than that actually.

Where are the UK’s most productive cities?

It’s not as simple as north vs south.

London still generates more than twice the tax revenue than the entire Northern Powerhouse region

London’s boom is good for Britain – but it depends on the rest of the country, too

Lee Kuan Yew leaves behind an ambiguous legacy in Singapore

Swapping political liberty for economic development.

London’s population is being hollowed out

And it's happening most in the outer boroughs.

Why do some cities create jobs, while others lose them?

The Centre for Cities has been crunching the data.

How did London escape the Great Recession?

Not just surviving, but thriving.

The cities of southern England are undergoing a population boom

But growth creates its own challenges.

The cities of southern England are undergoing a population boom

But growth creates its own challenges.

In London, the stats show a link between teen homicide rates and deprivation

Yesterday, the BBC reported the 169th murder of a London teenager in just 10 years.

Here's why it matters where we draw city limits

The greenbelt isn't the only thing holding cities back.

Is manufacturing moving back to cities?

The industrial revolution, take 3.

The global affordable housing crisis

A third of city-dwellers could be living in unsafe housing by 2025.

Here's how we solve the housing crisis

Just 5% of the green belt could provide 1.4m homes, says Centre for Cities report

Italy's north-south divide in one chart

You think we’ve got problems.

The London problem in two charts

The capital's economy: bigger than the next eight English cities combined

Chart: Glasgow's growth is lagging behind other Scottish cities

The city's economy has barely grown in a decade.

Chart: Hong Kong on course to be China’s 9th city within a decade

Chongqing, Chengdu and Wuhan all set to overtake by 2022.

Chart: Eastern Europe's incredible shrinking cities

Too many migrants; not enough kids.

“It’s striking how London is the only major conurbation that features on a global scale of any relevance.”

Jim O’Neill, the chair of the City Growth Commission, talks to CityMetric.