Joe Anderson: Why I resigned from the Northern Powerhouse Partnership

The Labour mayor of Liverpool has a few choice words for Chris Grayling.

Under-represented and under-funded: London politicians can’t keep ignoring the south-west

Brenda from Bristol isn’t the only one who’s had enough.

Podcast: The unitary state

Was Celtic devolution a terrible idea?

England should look to the United States to revive its local economies

Time for a place-based industrial strategy.

Podcast: The Missing White Rose

Why has devolution never come to Yorkshire?

Does the Conservative party have a plan for urban Britain?

QTWTAI well you can probably guess.

The stench of unfinished business: how George Osborne’s financial reforms pose a threat to local government

Fiscal devolution has been forgotten, but the cuts remain on schedule.

Here’s why we should Build More Bloody Offices in Liverpool

This month’s letter from the Liverpool City Region

“It’s time to put local back at the heart of government”

The case for a new constitutional settlement.

Does the Labour party really have a plan for devolution to England’s cities?

The Centre for Cities boss on the opposition’s plans.

Brexit is an opportunity for cities to take back control

​The Labour leader of Leeds City Council on the future of Britain’s cities.

What's in the in-tray of the new mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough?

Just Palmer it all off to someone else, I say.

Podcast: Mistakes were made

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.

Five reflections on the metro mayor manifestos

Assuming they bothered to write one.

Podcast: Level Five

On election predictions and driverless cars.

Podcast: Shakespeare’s Engine

We've been up to Birmingham to interview the next mayor of the West Midlands.

What are the big issues in the Tees Valley mayoral race?

Includes: should there actually be a mayor?

Podcast: The Manc of the hour

Andy Burnham speaks.

What are the issues in the Manchester mayoral race?

tl:dr: planning, congestion and care.

Who is running to be mayor of Greater Manchester?

Can anyone stop Andy Burnham?

Britain’s urban liberals should back devolution to “take back control”

The most centralised country in the you know the drill.

Could a regional banking system close the north-south divide?

Lessons from history, Germany and the US.

If George Osborne wants to support the Northern Powerhouse, he should run for mayor of Manchester

With apologies to Mancunians everywhere, I am quite serious about this.

Bonus podcast: Kings in the north

Metro, metro mayors.

Five ways Britain’s industrial strategy can make the most of devolution

The powerhouse is dead – long live the powerhouse.

Bonus podcast: Yes we Khan

Cor blimey guvnor, London's got a new mayor.

What has mayor George Ferguson done for Bristol?

The man in the red trousers.

Sorry, but the Northern Powerhouse can't cover the entire north

To defend everything is to defend nothing.

How powerful will the UK’s new metro mayors be?

Your cut out and keep guide.

How will the Tory government get its devolution bill through parliament?

At the end of the day it's a game of two halves.

The key economic questions Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan needs to answer

Creating balanced and sustainable growth for the capital.

This autumn’s negotiations will be the last, best chance for cities to secure devolution deals

“My guess is that there will be up to ten significant deals this autumn at most.”

What will the capital look like in 20 years time?

What powers does the city need to thrive?

Britain's cities should embrace metro mayors

Making the most of George Osborne's generosity.

What is in the government's city devolution bill?

The Centre for Cities read it so you don’t have to.

General Election 2015: Here are three ways to make English devolution a reality

Think long term, show me the money, and start at the bottom.

Did having an elected mayor benefit Bristol?

A little from column A, and...

Why does nobody want to devolve power to Bristol?

One of Britain's richest cities has been forgotten.

Devolution cannot begin and end in London and Manchester

Are small cities getting left behind?

Here's why devolution to Britain's cities will be a top-down process

Three lessons that must shape Britain's city policies.

Scotland's cities are battling Holyrood for control over their own affairs

The SNP doesn't think much about calls for devolution.

What can British cities learn from Auckland?

Four lessons from New Zealand on how to devolve power to cities.

The Autumn Statement was a missed opportunity

Slightly devolutionary – hardly revolutionary.

Here's why it matters where we draw city limits

The greenbelt isn't the only thing holding cities back.

This is why cities like Manchester need mayors

Plugging the leadership deficit.

Solihull and the Black Country should get over themselves. It's time for Greater Birmingham

If Britain's cities are to regain their greatness, they need to learn to act as one.

11 things we learnt at the Northern Futures Summit

Fear and loathing in West Yorkshire.

No, Greater Manchester never voted no to a mayor

Manchester and Greater Manchester are not the same thing.

Do the people of Manchester really want devolution?

Yes – but they probably don’t think of it like that.

Two maps that show why England's cities want devolution

Eeeeeeeeeverybody hates London.

Devolution debates lead to unexpected shouting matches at Labour's autumn conference

Fear and loathing and sub-regional governance policy.

What will the referendum result mean for Scotland's cities?

Will more powers for Holyrood mean less for Glasgow and Edinburgh?

“It’s striking how London is the only major conurbation that features on a global scale of any relevance.”

Jim O’Neill, the chair of the City Growth Commission, talks to CityMetric.