Climate Change

How cities are seizing the moment to focus on climate and equity

“We have one opportunity to get this right."

In Helsinki's climate plan, community comes before bureaucracy

The city reports success with encouraging people to enjoy the city in sustainable ways.

The case for solar energy in London

Bring me sunshine.

In New Zealand, climate change is driving an eco-nationalist revival

Thirty years on from the Nuclear Free outcry, a second protest-movement is prompting New Zealand to once again loosen its ties with the US

Podcast: Going green

Not about Brexit!

How tackling climate change could tackle inequality

The rich cause climate change, while the poor feel its impacts.

Seven climate change myths put about by big oil companies

Well, they would, wouldn’t they.

New Urbanism isn’t dead – but thanks to climate change, it is evolving

Climate change breathes new life into the movement’s mission

Podcast: The Eye of the Storm

There’s gonna be weather.

Berlin offers a model for how cities can cope with increasingly regular extreme floods

Stadtschwamm; or how to stop the stadt from schwimming

Mexico City is drinking itself into the ground

The soil beneath the city can't Az-tec it anymore.

For the US, climate change is a national security issue

A former naval meteorologist writes.

“What has Europe ever done for us?” Here are four EU rules which protect Britain's environment

The UK government is leading efforts in Brussels to weaken the 2030 targets currently.

What will rising sea levels do to the world's megacities?

Goldfish shoals, nibbling at your toes.

Cities will make or break any deal on carbon emissions. Here's why

A little less conversation, a little more action.

This map shows how prepared for climate change 30 UK cities are

It's not looking great for Belfast or Derry.

Electric cars could help cool down our cities

Which would be pretty great, really.

US cities are heating up

But at least the air’s getting cleaner.

China's new tool for fighting pollution and climate change: kilometre-tall skyscrapers

The tallest towers in the world would double as giant air and water filters.