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Podcast: White heat

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No more Eiffel towers.

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It's all down to bureaucracy.

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Also contains Barbara Windsor. (No, really.)

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"You can tell what the predominant ideology is by what the tallest towers are".

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The housing estate given a spot on the Turner shortlist

“In an age when anything can be art, why not have a housing estate?”

9 building materials made entirely from waste products

Not as disgusting as it sounds. Mostly.

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Mexico City’s new airport will produce its own energy and water

It also kind of looks like the, er, Spiderman logo.

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Flats, restaurants, parks – what more could a person need?

LA developer backs down on poor door

And a rich-people-only swimming pool.

Dubai's property developers are going nuts again

World's largest. World's largest. World's largest.