Podcast: Gimme Shelter

This man has been staring sadly at estate agents' windows since 2008. Image: Getty.

This is, somehow, the 50th episode of Skylines. That seems quite a lot, doesn’t it? Well done to both you and I for making it this far.

This is not, in all honesty, what I intended for this episode: originally, I had hoped Stephanie would come back and we could answer listener questions, possibly while getting slightly drunk. But best laid plans did what best laid plans do, and we couldn’t make our diaries work, so we’ll do that in some future show. This week, instead, I’ve got a very special guest: myself.

On Wednesday night I gave a speech on the politics of housing following the general election to a group of people working in the sector (who, if I’m absolutely honest with myself, know far more about the subject than I do). In that speech I pulled together much of what I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while – why we have a crisis, why it’s hard to solve, what I think the government is likely to do about it.

And so, since I found myself facing a gap in the podcast schedule, I thought you guys might like to hear it.

In other words: this episode is 20 minutes of me talking about housing, bookended up a few more minutes of me talking about the podcast and then reading some tweets. If you’ve always enjoyed Skylines but don’t much like my voice, this is probably an episode you should skip.

Next week, we’ll be back to regular service with some real people joining me to talk about things. I promise.

The episode itself is below. You can subscribe to the podcast on AcastiTunes, or RSS. Enjoy.

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Epidemiologist update: Covid-19 death toll passes 350,000 worldwide

An update from GlobalData Senior Epidemiologist Nanthida Nanthavong:

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have surpassed 5,609,000 with over 350,000 deaths and 2,287,000 recoveries.

The US continues to have the highest number of cases, followed by Brazil then Russia. Incidence rates in Brazil are also second to the US, but may surpass the US if the current incidence trend continues in Brazil. Russia has reported a steady number of new daily cases for the past week. The Moscow region accounts for the majority of cases in Russia.

Daily incidence rates in India have continued to increase as the country reported four of its highest daily incidence totals over the last few days.

South Africa has the highest daily incidence and highest number of cumulative cases in Africa. South Africa has also reported its two highest daily incidence totals over the last few days.