Uber and Lyft are cutting even further into the taxi market during the pandemic

In New York and Chicago, ride-hailing apps have accounted for more than 90 percent of trips taken during lockdown.

Delivery vehicles waste a lot of time searching for parking. Cities can fix that

The first careful study on the issue suggests drivers spend more than an hour circling for parking each day.

Pandemic-era planning makes it clear: Micromobility companies brought a distraction, not a revolution

Cities are seeing now that they have what they need to reach their mobility goals.

The decisions cities made about coronavirus had a big impact on bike-share ridership

Offering free or reduced memberships broke down barriers to cycling.

Cycling on London’s Euston Road is still a terrifying experience

The new temporary cycle lane falls short in some key ways.

Want to make public transport feel safe in a pandemic? Paris shows the way

Passengers can find some comfort in seeing that cleanliness and public health guidance are taken seriously.

Seattle's swift street closures show the highs and lows of rushing the process

"Stay Healthy Streets" were praised as a pandemic response. Making them permanent hasn't been so well received.

When rethinking the streets, don't forget the power of cargo bikes

Those new cycling networks can be used to transport goods as well as people.

UK rail operators offer government a choice: Pay up, relax lockdown, or stop services

Train companies have received billions in subsidies since March.

Business is booming for Kenya's boda-boda operators

Amid strict border controls, the traditional bicycle taxi has become a crucial mode of transport.

In one of Europe's most car-dependent cities, lockdown offers a chance to rethink the road

Brussels, which has long lagged on mobility options, is embracing new ways to move around.

What's actually in the UK government’s bailout package for Transport for London?

Rapid changes to London’s transport policy were an explicit condition of the deal.

How China's growing cities are adapting to pressures on housing and transport

The country's rapid urbanisation offers some lessons for urban planning.

It's a strange year for Bike to Work Day

Cycling is booming, but advocacy groups have lost their biggest tool to raise awareness.

So what was actually in Grant Shapps’ latest transport masterplan?

More money for cycling – but much, much more for roads.

For a 'golden age of cycling,' Britain needs to make women feel safer on bikes

Safety concerns are the key barrier that stop women from cycling. The surest fix is no mystery.

Coming soon to cities everywhere: PPE vending machines

It's a simple concept that makes a ton of sense.

Seven thoughts on TfL’s bail out from national government

Something like this was probably inevitable.

Euston Road cycle lane features in London’s streets overhaul plan

The strategic cycling network moves a step closer.

It's not too late to prevent a driving apocalypse

Cities like London must rapidly formulate coherent policies to support walking and cycling.

Post-pandemic, the risk to public transport is that it might never be the same

Unpacking the financial reality of mass transit's uncertain future.

Where coronavirus stopped pedestrians in their tracks

Rome and Paris saw the biggest drops in pedestrian activity. London, LA and Sydney saw the least.

How job types and industries are influencing regional differences in the UK’s lockdown

The degree to which Britons have cut down on travel might have more to do with their job than their politics.

Could trams return to the streets of Glasgow?

A short history of the corporation trams.

To build its emerging “megaregions”, the USA should turn to trains

An extract from “Designing the Megaregion: Meeting Urban Challenges at a New Scale”.

Has the government just renationalised Britain’s railways?

No, but it’s probably killed franchising.

When will Manchester become ‘people first’ and go car free?

Seize the zeitgeist or cede leadership to Birmingham.

Think roads are dangerous? Sometimes we aren’t even safe on pavements

Over 15 years, 548 pedestrians have died on UK sidewalks.

Could tram-trains finally connect Stockport to Manchester’s Metrolink network?

Second hand toys are better than no toys at all.

Where should Crossrail for the North go?

Getting the crayons out.

London’s rail and tube map is out of control

Okay, this is getting stupid now.

“A remarkable achievement”: the environmental case for building HS2

As big a threat to ancient woodland as one 14 mile road.

It’s time to give London Overground different line names

But what should they be called?

How many Waterloo stations are there in the world?

An important CityMetric investigation.

Should Manchester pedestrianise Deansgate?

Let’s look at the evidence.

Is it time to end road building?

I mean, obviously it is, yes.

How can cyclists protect themselves against air pollution?

Buying an expensive respirator won’t cut it.

There is one good thing to be said for the Beeching Axe

Rail’s lost is cycling’s gain.

How many airports does London have?

It’s complicated. Oh goody!

“You don’t look like a train buff”: on sexism in the trainspotting community

It’s not all middle-aged white men with anoraks.

The secret emotional life of the passenger… and why it matters for the future of the bus

What are people really thinking when they catch the bus?

What’s in Edinburgh’s 10 year transport masterplan?

Low carbon in the Scottish capital.

The best bike maps are made by volunteers

Lessons from Open Street Map in Canada.

10 things you should know about e-bikes

A quick guide for the e-curious.

Here’s why the UK should start closing school streets to traffic

I mean, the reason’s kind of obvious, to be fair.

What other British cities can learn from the Tyne & Wear Metro

Contains fantasy metros for Oxford and Leeds!

Here are 10 fictional tube stations from TV and film

We are definitely not running out of stuff to say about the real tube.

Should London demand better names for its tube lines?

A quick trip on the Tootancamden.

The New York subway system is dangerously inaccessible

Too many stations rely on stairs.

“26 minutes late”: The diary of a Thameslink passenger

Turns out, it *is* as bad as they say.

The media scumbag’s route of choice: A personal history of London’s C2 bus

...with an onion on his belt, which was the style at the time.

11 things I’ve learned as a pre-Crossrail Crossrail commuter

Because Nessie hunters and Outlander fans need to get around too.

A fantasy metro map for Inverness

Because Nessie hunters and Outlander fans need to get around too.

Joe Anderson: Why I resigned from the Northern Powerhouse Partnership

The Labour mayor of Liverpool has a few choice words for Chris Grayling.

Transport utopianism is stupid, and Elon Musk should shut up

The solution is the same as it ever was.

Here’s a whole fantasy metro network for, er, Aberdeen

You want overly ambitious transit plans? We got ’em.

Oh, great: young people face longer commutes for less pay

All aboard the Millennial Express.

Eight ways transport can put post-industrial towns back on the map

Transport AND post-industrial towns? Have you guys been looking at our Christmas list?

Was Barbara Castle the best transport secretary Britain ever had?

Fifty years of the landmark Transport Act.

The case for Birmingham Crossrail, revisited

Get the crayons out, Gladys.

Here’s a fantasy tram system for Truro (pop: 20,000)

No, YOU’RE wasting your life.

Here’s the case for a national bus strategy

It’s about time one turned up.

Does Dublin really need a metro network?

Competing with the continent.

How shipping containers changed the world – and your day-to-day life

Look around you. Almost everything you see was once inside one.

Updated: When does London’s Crossrail open?

We’re not calling it the Elizabeth Line until we have to.

A brief tour of Britain’s least used stations

Empty tracks at empty stations.

An official and objective ranking of London’s 14 major rail terminals

We will not be responding to complaints at this time.

Where does Paris get its Metro station names?

Towards a taxonomy of metro station names: édition parisienne.

Some thoughts on why Sheffield’s economy has struggled

Hard times in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire.

Letter: Here’s a complete rapid transit network for Edinburgh

Today’s game of fantasy metro network.

Towards a taxonomy of metro station names

The key to all mythologies.

5 ways London’s waterways will be shaped by the Canal & River Trust’s new mooring strategy

With an extra 1,500 boats expected by 2022, the report affects everybody’s access to the capital’s canals.

Route 66 built communities. The interstate system destroyed them again

A brief history of America’s most famous road.

Letter: Here’s a tram network for Newport

More hot fantasy transport action.

Letter: Manchester’s Ordsall Chord was not the cause of its rail network’s problems

One of our occasional forays into the CityMetric postbag…

What would an extended Glasgow Subway look like?

Let’s get out the orange crayons.

The Liverpool metro just got its first new station in 20 years

No, Liverpool South Parkway doesn’t count.

Are German trains really better than British ones?

Questions to which the answer is maybe.

So why is Northern Rail in chaos? Here are 11 reasons

A scandal twenty years in the making.

War and Peace and Trains: Geopolitics and railways on the Korean peninsula

It will be a long time before trains run from Seoul to Pyongyang.

Here are six things I learnt in a fortnight using London’s new dockless rent-a-bikes

If it looks like it might be in the Thames, it's definitely in the Thames.

Britain introduces major new rail timetable, watches network instantly collapse into chaos – LIVE!

New rail routes AND highly visible screw-ups? Ambassador, you are spoiling us.

Letter: Bristol also needs a Crossrail

Another dip into the CityMetric postbag.

What will self-driving cars mean for cyclists?

The problem of unpredictability.

So how does a canal boat travel uphill?

The question you’ve all been asking.

Letter: In the USA, you need buses to make the trains work

One of our occasional forays into the CityMetric postbag…

So is Labour’s plan to make bus travel free for under 25s any good?

A decent policy, but a political masterstroke.

Podcast: Dad jokes

A tribute, of sorts.

We should talk trains less – and buses more

Transport for the masses.

Why is airport food so bad?

Except, oddly, in London.

Why Dubliners are right to be sceptical about the new metro plans

“We’ll believe it when we see it.”

Vanilla Skybus: George Romero and Pittsburgh’s metro to nowhere

Night of the living dead transport infrastructure.

12 things we learned by reading every single National Rail timetable

Perfectly normal activity for very reasonable people.

Does Kings Cross need a second tube station?

The case for York Way.

The long and confusing history that explains why Charing Cross and Embankment are so weird

Going loopy in Squares with lots of Strands of thought.

21 TfL bus announcements that would improve Londoners lives more than ‘Hold on, the bus is about to move’

Public transport would be brilliant if it wasn't for the public.

I grew up in “the town without streets” – so why does anywhere need them?

I grew up in “the town without streets” – so why does anywhere need them?

What’s in the government’s new rail strategy?

Reopening lines, reforming franchising.

The nagging questions about Mobility As A Service

There just isn’t enough money.

Can Uber really reduce drink driving deaths?

Sort of – but not everywhere.

The tipping point is coming: petrol engines are on the way out

If it didn’t exist, no one would invent it.

The Highway Code is dead. We need a new movement code

Most Londoners don’t even drive.

Podcast: Shanks's Pony

Let’s take a walk.

The Gold Coast light rail project shows that new transport links are worth it

So long as you look at more than patronage.

When will London adopt pay-as-you-go road pricing?

It’s later than you think.

How can we judge infrastructure spending?

Infrastructure investment ≠ growth.

Here are four thoughts on Birmingham’s new tram plan

Here we are now going to the Westside.

Stockholm claims its entire metro network is an art exhibition

Which is lovely, of course, but… why?

Podcast: Transatlantic


22 reasons the hyperloop and driverless cars don't mean we don't need HS2

Just when I thought I got out they pull me back in.

“Difficult decisions are now due”: the transport challenges ahead

The former shadow transport secretary on this parliament’s agenda.

How did the world’s major rail terminals get their names?

Locations and functions and battles, oh my.

How many tube lines does London have?

You wouldn’t thing this would be complicated, would you.

Podcast: Going underground

Talking about the tube, eh? That's new.

How many railway terminals does London have?

Well, it’s complicated...

How did the tube lines get their colours?

Status: It's Complicated

So what’s the Buenos Aires metro system like?

Im-porteño information about the Buenos Aires Subte.

Podcast: Level Five

On election predictions and driverless cars.

Here are all London’s abandoned tube stations

Corpses beneath the streets.

The new Dublin Luas map is a crime against cartography

Terrible transit maps of our time.

Which is London's busiest tube station?

*escalator etiquette frustration intensifies*

Worried Guildford will be destroyed by Chinese trains? Then you might not be very nice

No, the Chinese state is not running South West Trains.

No, they haven't started building the Hyperloop

Great misleading press statements of our time.

Novelty or necessity? The world's best sleeper trains

A guide to sleeping on sleepers over sleepers.

Podcast: Parallel histories

Where we’re going, we don't need roads.

How can we make the hyperloop a reality?

An engineering challenge.

Could New York City get its own CrossRail?

Well, no, but we can dream.

Podcast: The permanent way

Trains! Trains! Trains!

Is the world ready for driverless transport?

It's all in the absorptive capacity, yo.

Can free train tickets stop the EU from eating itself alive?

Questions To Which Answer Is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sorry, northerners, but London’s tube strike is national news

“Not everyone lives in London you know!”

Will self-driving cars Make the Suburbs Great Again?

“Telecommuting” didn't mean we all moved to Wales.

This is the route of the Hogwarts Express

Harry Potter and the helpful route map.

So are trams really better than buses?

Two rails good, no rails bad.

Where do subway trains go when they retire?

It is not to a lovely farm in Wales to play with lots of other trains.

The central London airports that (mostly) never were

Why can't I take a helicopter to work?

Why I hate cycling around London as a woman

“I, man, am walking now.”

Eight thoughts on TfL’s “new” walking tube map

Firstly: it's not actually new.

Is the night tube good for London?

Well, it depends how you count...

Why other cities should copy Nottingham's revolutionary parking levy

Less congestion and pollution; more money and jobs.

Why is Southern Rail cancelling so many trains?

The mysterious vanishing railway.

Here are London’s 31 most aggravating station names

Who the hell was St. Pancras anyway?

The London Underground is updating its font

And it looks, well, exactly the same.