How the pandemic is magnifying structural problems in America's housing market

"Golden Gates" author Conor Dougherty discusses why it's so hard for so many to keep a roof over their heads.

The promise and peril of the United States' affordable housing vouchers

Author Eva Rosen studied a neighbourhood with many Section 8 renters to understand how the programme affects their lives.

'They rely on you being intimidated': Local elected officials in the US describe how police unions bully them

Current and former municipal office holders say they've met a unique kind of resistance when negotiating with law enforcement representatives.

In South Africa's cities, evictions are happening despite a national ban

The main targets are residents living in informal dwellings.

Mayor Marvin Rees' hope for Bristol: A more equitable city that can 'live with difference'

He's pursuing a number of projects to combat poverty and improve the city's sustainability.

The British government wants more mayors and fewer councils in England

The goal is to streamline operations, but it's not yet clear how local government would change.

After Sidewalk Labs, the 'techlash' movement turns its eyes to contact tracing apps

"What about technology in cities are we not getting a chance to imagine by letting private companies do it for us?”

The Leicester lockdown highlights growing tension between national and local government in England

Locking down a single city has proved to be no easy business in the UK.

American policing never adjusted to the decades-long decline in urban violence

US cities are about as safe as ever, but police practices don't reflect that, says sociolgist Patrick Sharkey.

Camden, New Jersey, isn't really a model for police reform

Beneath the hype, the city's experience is much more complicated.

A looming fiscal crisis raises another fear for US cities: State oversight and financial control boards

The pandemic economy could revive a fraught method for fixing distressed local budgets.

How America became over-policed and under-policed at the same time

"Residential segregation is central to all this," the author Jill Leovy says.

The reality of US city budgets: Police funding eclipses most other agencies

And the link between funding and crime rates isn't clear.

American renters need a lot more help to keep a roof over their heads

Cities are making their own plans for rent assistance, but they can't keep up with demand.

There's no real evidence that curfews work

Millions of Americans are living under the controversial policy.

Why you shouldn't confuse 2020 for 1968

Author and historian Rick Perlstein discusses the current limits on law-and-order politics.

This week's protests have already led several US cities to remove racist monuments

It's happened in Philadelphia, Alexandria and Birmingham.

America's cities can't police their way out of this crisis

Too many local US leaders are working from a broken playbook.

How China's growing cities are adapting to pressures on housing and transport

The country's rapid urbanisation offers some lessons for urban planning.

The pandemic economy could revive one of America’s ugliest fights over local control

Professor Kim Phillips-Fein explains today's parallels with New York City’s financial disaster in 1975.

A very American form of essential work: Gun-violence prevention

There's another epidemic in American cities, and it's only gotten harder to address.

Seven thoughts on TfL’s bail out from national government

Something like this was probably inevitable.

In cities like Baltimore, municipal elections are a show that must go on, somehow

The pandemic has changed nearly everything about campaigning locally.

How the pandemic interrupted a banner year for plastic bag bans

In the US, the plastics industry played a role.

The pandemic is pushing US city budgets into a new age of austerity

Economists warn that local budget cuts could counteract federal stimulus money.

Americans are still being evicted during the coronavirus pandemic

Matthew Desmond discusses housing protections during a global emergency.

What is happening with England’s mayoral elections?

Covid-19 has led the government to delay them for a year. There will be consequences.

An economic crash opens a 'window for hope' on universal basic income

A researcher explains how cash assistance fits into governments' response to coronavirus.

Post-pandemic, the risk to public transport is that it might never be the same

Unpacking the financial reality of mass transit's uncertain future.

Podcast: Rory Stewart has his porridge

A mayoral walk, rained off.

The Right To Buy is now the biggest threat to the Right To Buy, argues LGA

Could this be the thing that finally gets councils building?

Podcast: Curtain raiser

Here come the locals.

What’s actually in the “Building Better Building Beautiful” Commission’s report?

“New places are designed by the wheelie bin operators.”

The Tory manifesto promises to both increase AND decrease the rate of housebuilding

Do the Conservatives even have a housing policy?

This election will be won in towns – but its winner needs to focus on cities

The Centre for Cities on the election and everything after.

Podcast: 2019 Election Special

Well, here we go again.

A Tory housing minister just said that it’s okay for you to spend half your salary on housing

I sometimes feel like they’re not taking this crisis terribly seriously.

This is the local economies election

From Huyton to Hackney, it is now clearer than ever that the UK needs a new social and economic contract.

Which is England’s second city?

Well, it all sort of depends.

In defence of... Telford

A Shropshire pad.

The supply obsession won’t solve the housing crisis

The cast against more bloody houses.

Has Jacob Rees-Mogg just come out as a YIMBY?

Build more blasted houses, if you please.

“The rent has increased by 80 per cent, but the mould still keeps coming back”

Why do renters back rent controls? It’s a mystery.

What’s the largest parliamentary constituency in the world?

Don’t say we never teach you anything.

The heart of Cajun country is decidedly different from the rest of the US

In Lafayette, a truck is often just “un truck.”

England’s metro mayors are leading when Westminster can’t

The biggest shake-up of local government in a generation.

How city tours can help tackle homelessness

People who have lived on a city’s streets can be best placed to tell its stories.

Could a housing court fix the UK’s rental woes?

Reaching the steps of the courthouse is uncommon for most renters looking to address a housing case.

In Wakefield, regeneration is reliant on charity funding

Northern Powerhouse, where art thou?

Business rates are broken. Should we start taxing land?

It’s time to find a better system .

Beyond Preston: How local wealth building is taking the UK by storm

Local wealth building is slaying the neoliberal dragon of trickle-down economics

The rise in vacant properties exposes the housing shortage myth

It’s finance, not supply, that is to blame for the housing crisis.

“The housing crisis can’t be solved without urban land reform”

A Labour councillor in Southwark says It’s the land, stupid.

Could twin towns bring Britain back together?

An anachronistic tradition could be the key to rebuilding post-Brexit Britain

Firefighters didn’t cause the Grenfell Tower blaze: a broken system did

Labour’s Andrew Dismore on the true culprits.

American cities are in crisis. So why is Richard Florida exporting their lessons?

The guru of the “creative class” thinks the developing world should follow America’s lead.

A roadmap for how to Make The North Great Again

It’s time we got serious.

Poorer cities have borne the brunt of austerity. Time to fix it, Chancellor

The chief executive of the Centre for Cities on its latest survey of urban Britain.

London’s councils spend £22m a year renting back homes they used to own. It’s time to scrap Right To Buy

Over 40 per cent of homes sold ended up in the hands of private landlords.

Rent controls are popular – but backing them is still a big gamble for Sadiq Khan

The mayor lacks the power, and the election is a long way off.

Help to Buy is finally being scrapped. Here’s why it was a terrible idea

Bad news for developers, good news for first-time buyers.

Google is lovingly creating a time-capsule of Britain’s homelessness crisis

You’d think ministers would feel shame, but no.

The Canal & River Trust: the local council hiding in charity’s clothing

Are live-aboard boaters’ rights being overlooked?

Infrastructure populism: on the politics of building big, or failing to

What do Johnson, Mussolini and Trump have in common?

“Inclusive investment is the foundation of a global city region”

The Labour mayor of the Liverpool City region on its £500m new Strategic Investment Fund.

Here’s the case for a national bus strategy

It’s about time one turned up.

Marvin Rees: The case for the Global Parliament of Mayors

The Labour mayor of Bristol on how local issues are global issues.

If Juncker wants a stronger, more united Europe, he should listen to its cities

Big on big things and small on small things.

Podcast: London Blues, #2

This time, we talk to Joy Morrissey.

Podcast: London Blues, #1

With Tory mayoral candidate Andrew Boff.

What are the real causes of homelessness?

No, it’s not moral weakness.

Building the future requires massive small change

An extract from Kelvin Campbell’s new book.

Here’s why Britain should move its capital

London doesn’t need it.

A brief guide to all the terrible homes I have ever rented

Oh thank you Mister Landlord for this hole in the ground.

Polling shows how the politics of London differs from its suburbs

Outer London looks more like a northern town.

“Enforce the laws we have before creating new ones”: why landlords object to plans for longer tenancies

The policy director of the Residential Landlords Association writes.

Here’s why government plans for longer tenancies don’t go far enough

“If the landlords want somewhere to live, they can rent.”

Scrapping Building Schools for the Future hurt – but it forced Liverpool to rethink its finances

The Labour mayor of Liverpool on life after Building Schools for the Future.

Under-represented and under-funded: London politicians can’t keep ignoring the south-west

Brenda from Bristol isn’t the only one who’s had enough.

Illegal immigrants in their own country: China’s migrant workers

Each person in China is assigned a household registration called Hukou at birth, in a lottery that has created millions of losers.

“While member states talk, cities act”: the mayor of Ghent on Europe’s migration crisis

An open letter from Daniël Termont, the mayor of the Belgian city of Ghent.

“Poverty” isn’t strong enough to describe the misery so many face. We’re back to destitution

The Labour mayor of Liverpool on the return of Victorian poverty.

Podcast: Four weeks out

Local elections time! Again.

“Who wants to be rich in a country that isn’t fair?” On London’s pro-Labour business community

A Labour councillor and businessmen on changing attitudes in the capital’s boardrooms.

Ten myths about council housing – and one ask

A Labour councillor on what we get wrong about council housing.

England should look to the United States to revive its local economies

Time for a place-based industrial strategy.

Oxford vs Middlesbrough: on the urban geography of Brexit

Something strange in the Thames Estuary.

“Ministers are ignoring the people who’ll deal with the fallout from Brexit”: The case for a second referendum

The Labour mayor of Liverpool makes the case for a second referendum.

“Homeownership has collapsed. Good riddance”

Time for the property renting dream.

Can better planning fix the problems that led to Brexit?

The best of the 2018 Awards for Planning Excellence.

“The Midlands and the North of England are more exposed to Brexit than any other region in Europe”

There is no real representation from either the most exposed sectors or the most exposed regions

“Whatever the restrictions they face, the choices councils make are political ones”

The case for putting ideology back into local government.

Estate regeneration ballots can’t be a referendum of whether to build new homes at all

The Labour mayor of Hackney on the role of democracy in regeneration schemes.

Why 2018 is shaping up to be a key year for Britain’s cities

The leader of the Key Cities group on Brexit and after.

International students enrich cities like Coventry – but that could change

Does the UK really want to turn its back on £22.6bn?

Can local employment training help address the UK’s productivity puzzle?

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Is Britain’s housing crisis a myth?

Is it possible that I’m... wrong?

Councils can help tackle the housing crisis – but government has to step up

The Labour mayor of Tower Hamlets on solving the housing crisis.

Here’s how councils can jumpstart housebuilding

An ambitious package of policy reforms.

Does the Conservative party have a plan for urban Britain?

QTWTAI well you can probably guess.

The stench of unfinished business: how George Osborne’s financial reforms pose a threat to local government

Fiscal devolution has been forgotten, but the cuts remain on schedule.

Here’s why rent control might make the housing crisis worse

To tackle the housing crisis, we need to build more houses.

“It’s time to put local back at the heart of government”

The case for a new constitutional settlement.

Does the Labour party really have a plan for devolution to England’s cities?

The Centre for Cities boss on the opposition’s plans.

“The Social Housing Green Paper is another delaying tactic to put off fixing the broken housing market”

It’s time to let councils build, says the Labour mayor of Hackney.

Brexit is an opportunity for cities to take back control

​The Labour leader of Leeds City Council on the future of Britain’s cities.

“A sustainable NHS in London needs Londoners that are healthy”

After the “largest experiment London’s NHS has ever seen”.

How do you create a new country?

A question of sovereignty.

“Difficult decisions are now due”: the transport challenges ahead

The former shadow transport secretary on this parliament’s agenda.

Exports from British cities show the vast challenges we'll face in negotiating Brexit

Trade deals, double D, making the economy go (*whistles*).

What's in the in-tray of the new mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough?

Just Palmer it all off to someone else, I say.

The British housing crisis, in five charts

Or: why the Conservative party is in huge, long-term trouble.

The real losers of this election were landlords, apparently

Won’t someone think of the rentiers?

Podcast: Election Special

Here we go, here we go, here we-

“3 things for Calgary”: how a Canadian mayor brought citizens into government

A campaign every new mayor should steal with pride.

Podcast: Mistakes were made

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.

Five reflections on the metro mayor manifestos

Assuming they bothered to write one.

Could the Sanctuary City Movement take off in the UK?

Sanctuary cities and liberal bubbles.

Who will be elected mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough?

When is a city region not a city region?

Who will be mayor of the Tees Valley?

The world turned upside down.

Podcast: Snap

Oh good, an election.

Podcast: Shakespeare’s Engine

We've been up to Birmingham to interview the next mayor of the West Midlands.

“You English, you always think you know everything”: on Brussels and Brexit

Museums, moules and misery in the capital of the European Union.

What are the big issues in the Tees Valley mayoral race?

Includes: should there actually be a mayor?

Which pairs of capital cities are the closest together?

Trivia you never knew you needed

Podcast: The Manc of the hour

Andy Burnham speaks.

What are the issues in the Manchester mayoral race?

tl:dr: planning, congestion and care.

Podcast: In the Loop

On Stephanie's adventures in Illinois.

Who is running to be mayor of Greater Manchester?

Can anyone stop Andy Burnham?

Are the UK's cities equally unequal?

Are cities born unequal? Or do they have inequality thrust upon them?

So why was the housing white paper such a damp squib?

Personally, I blame the parents.

Depressing housing chart of the week: Help To Buy meant help the rich

I am shocked, shocked, by this revelation.

Sorry, northerners, but London’s tube strike is national news

“Not everyone lives in London you know!”

Britain’s urban liberals should back devolution to “take back control”

The most centralised country in the you know the drill.

Autumn statement: Letting fees are awful, and Philip Hammond is right to ban them

A sad day for the noble guild of estate agents.

Here are 13 really aggravating things about the map of the United States

Look, I had a lot of time to think, okay?

Podcast: Trumpocalypse Now

Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.

Podcast: presidential election special

Roads, ruins and racism.

So what happened at Habitat III?

Cleaning up after the world's biggest cities conference.

Welfare reform could price tenants out of social housing

The most depressing bit of housing research you'll see today.

Gentrification is good for you

The case for the defence.

Here's why building more houses isn't enough to bring prices down

Build more bloody non-market houses.

Thanks to Anne Hidalgo, there will soon be two refugee camps at the heart of Paris

“I want to be able to look myself in the mirror.”

Are South Africa's cities abandoning the ANC?

A revolution of rising expectations.

The case for government-backed 100% mortgages

Borrowers of the world unite.

If George Osborne wants to support the Northern Powerhouse, he should run for mayor of Manchester

With apologies to Mancunians everywhere, I am quite serious about this.

A city of 7,000: Life inside Calais' refugee camp

“I’m not leaving until they can, too.”

Place-making sounds woolly – but it’s the key to fixing a divided Britain

The Royal Town Planning Institute on why we need more, well, planning.

Five ways Britain’s industrial strategy can make the most of devolution

The powerhouse is dead – long live the powerhouse.

Corbyn is wrong: stopping London’s growth won’t rebalance the economy

If firms leave London, they won't head for the north.

Here's what Brexit will cost Britain's cities – and how they should respond

Over £30bn from the European Investment Bank alone.

“Regeneration in Hackney will not mean the net loss of a single council home”

Hackney’s deputy mayor on tackling the capital’s housing crisis.

Seven reasons NIMBYs oppose new developments

“These yuppies breed like rats.”

Why is Southern Rail cancelling so many trains?

The mysterious vanishing railway.

Podcast: Help! Somebody save us!

Benjamin Barber, Brexit and blind panic.

Brexit: What's the most pro-European city in Britain?

In, out, in, out, shake it all about?

European cities are flying the union flag to campaign against Brexit

Our long national nightmare is over – or just beginning!

What would Brexit mean for British cities?

What could possibly go wrong.

“What has Europe ever done for us?” Here are four EU rules which protect Britain's environment

The UK government is leading efforts in Brussels to weaken the 2030 targets currently.