Amid housing and climate concerns, Australians find more to love about Tasmania's capital city

Hobart's growing population reflects a "value reset" that's being amplified by current crises.

What it's been like living in one of the few places that never locked down

As an expat in Stockholm, there have been days when I've felt extremely confused.

The most resilient cities are the ones that listen

Recovering from any crisis requires taking civic engagement seriously.

Can graffiti really be “vandalised”?

The legal implications of Mr Banksy.

So why is urban living bad for your mental health?

Cities increase your risk of depression, anxiety and psychosis.

The mountain in North Wales that tried to stop the UK’s blackout

The magnetic mountain. One for the 1930s poetry fans, there.

The Edinburgh Festival is suffocating a once great city

Oh good, another Cambridge sketch troupe.

Which is the sexiest train? (*in Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Starlight Express)

Guys, guys, we finally found a CityMetric angle on the Cats trailer.

Can places make us healthier?

Sick city syndrome.

On football, belonging and being a Liverpool-supporting Londoner

“Can you really belong to something you’ve chosen?”

So where exactly did The Proclaimers walk 500 miles to?

Let’s use graph theory to solve the riddle!

How to sell your city: the birth of the urban tagline

It’s always sunny in Scunthorpe.

North Macedonia: The long history behind the country’s new name

Previous suggestions included New Macedonia, Upper Macedonia, Vardar Macedonia and Macedonia-Skopje.

Park life: What’s the best park in London to hold a duel?

One two three four five six seven eight-

Meet Britain's bedroom meteorologists

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

The case for solar energy in London

Bring me sunshine.

What’s killing northerners?

Alcohol, inequality and transport infrastructure are to blame for the disparity in health between north and south.

Google knows you took the bus: on the creepy accuracy of Google Maps Timeline

What shall we do with ambiguous geolocation data, early in the morning?

Water is scarce. So why is it underpriced?

Water, water, everywhere...

How collecting food waste could slow climate change – and save us money

This process is already widely used elsewhere.

Ducks and the City: how birds thrive in urban spaces

You wanted a longread on urban birding, right? Yeah you did.

In New Zealand, climate change is driving an eco-nationalist revival

Thirty years on from the Nuclear Free outcry, a second protest-movement is prompting New Zealand to once again loosen its ties with the US

City of Ruin: On Resident Evil’s Raccoon City

The rise and fall (and subsequent post-apocalyptic rise) of one of gaming’s most iconic cities.

Let's be honest: Most London commuter towns are unbelievably dull

Lewis Hamilton was kind of not wrong.

The rise of the drones: Why the UK should empower cities to shape urban air mobility

Innovation charity NESTA on what drones mean for our cities.

Smart mobility must be hardwired into the DNA of European cities

It’s time to prepare for the cities of tomorrow.

A trip to Dandong: the Chinese tourist destination on the border with North Korea

Is it really a holiday if you’re not going to visit a geopolitical oddity?

How getting a dog made me hate London less

This is the train for Barking.

Where are Gotham City and Metropolis – and what do they have to do with New York?

The second part of our exploration of the city of the superhero comics.

Grimdark in the City: On Warhammer 40,000 and urban warfare

Telling stories in dystopian cities.

Have we passed peak London?

Signs and portents.

How does stuff work when you live on a tiny rock in the Bristol Channel?

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles.

The US has become a nation of suburbs. But will it stay that way?

Millennials are killing the suburbs too. Typical.

How will autonomous robots change our cities?

A tale of three living labs.

Households with solar panels are “effectively providing a subsidy to the commercial energy market”

A Labour member of the London Assembly calls for reform of renewable energy policy.

Chewing Gum Man’s new guerilla art project slips through the cracks on the London Underground

Ben Wilson’s moniker may have, ahem, stuck – but he’s moved on.

In defence of... Wolverhampton

It’s not that bad, honest.

Why are cities so much hotter than the surrounding areas?

On the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect.

How learning to navigate London on crutches revealed a new side to the city

The people aren’t as unfriendly as they say, you know.

Which football team does London support?

Football isn’t coming home – but home can still drive football.

5 ways London’s waterways will be shaped by the Canal & River Trust’s new mooring strategy

With an extra 1,500 boats expected by 2022, the report affects everybody’s access to the capital’s canals.

The moors are literally on fire – so why does London still look the other way?

Some thoughts on Britain’s London-centric media.

Podcast: The fat of the land

Crops, soil and cows.

How tackling climate change could tackle inequality

The rich cause climate change, while the poor feel its impacts.

Could an independent Yorkshire Win the World Cup?

Like you haven’t been wondering.

How London became the tuberculosis capital of Western Europe

Don’t believe the anti-immigration groups.

Study: Evacuating after a nuclear disaster is normally a waste of time and money

London's air is worse for you than radiation in Fukushima.

What would ‘smart countryside’ look like?

Putting technology to greener use.

True ‘Smart Cities’ should invest in libraries

An information hub, an innovation hub.

After a decade of austerity, councils need a new way to fund culture

The Labour leader of Cardiff council explains why he helped launch the Cultural Cities Enquiry.

On being touched, but not obliged, in Northfield, Minnesota

An extract from Smith’s new book, “Rethinking Mythogeography”.

What’s the best London film?

In search of the U.K.’s great ‘city films’.

Seven climate change myths put about by big oil companies

Well, they would, wouldn’t they.

London needs to reduce its plastic bottle use. Here’s how

A Labour member of the London Assembly on the city’s plastic problem.

“Africa’s time for urbanisation is now. Let us get it right”

The executive director of the Kampala Capital City Authority on urbanising her continent.

Could Paisley really be the next UK City of Culture?

Land of hope and flowery shirts.

Where did London’s parakeets come from?

A thriving immigrant community.

Can you crowdsource a city?

The wisdom of crowds.

How Hull went from crap town to City of Culture

And what it says about Brexit Britain.

Why does Britain struggle to build power plants?

Blame the project managers.

So what exactly is a ‘smart city’?

A question of definition.

The tipping point is coming: petrol engines are on the way out

If it didn’t exist, no one would invent it.

What will the city of the future look like?

Robots, renewables and drones, oh my.

Where are the best and worst cities in the UK to make films?

Stop making films in Southampton.

Here are the seven most extreme planets we’ve so far discovered

There are probably cities out there in space somewhere right?

A London Grand Prix is less likely than it seems

Changed priorities ahead.

There could be snow on Mars. Here’s how

Is there ice on Maaaaaaars.

Where’s the best British city to survive the apocalypse?

We’ll all go together when we go.

Where actually is South London?

Good question.

Here’s CityMetric’s summer reading list

Poolside reads for CityMetric teens.

Johannesburg and Accra: two very different versions of a contemporary African city

A tale of two oh you know where we’re going with this.

Here are the UK’s most infuriating constituency names

The CityMetric election special!

Where are London’s real no go areas?

A very important CityMetric investigation.

Where exactly are the Wombles named after? We made a map

Ironically, while one is on the Underground, no Wombles are named after Overground stations.

Here are the six freak monuments and statues of Ohio

Fun things to do in the Buckeye State.

Here are some of the world's most stupid time zones

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

Where did England’s counties get their names?

Your (my) questions answered.

How many continents are there?

Well it depends how you count.

How can city car parks help solve the housing crisis?

Build high for happiness.

“Strange how the name of a city can come to mean an event, rather than a place”: Aleppo before ‘Aleppo’

A city the size of Manchester, with 7,000 years of history behind it.

Israel: like a “living laboratory for the study and preservation of urban wildlife”

That's what millennia of practice will do for you.

12 of the worst slogans ever used to promote cities

“Have the Tyne of your Life”, indeed.

Quiz: Could you be a London cabbie?

Alright, guv, where to?

For the US, climate change is a national security issue

A former naval meteorologist writes.

Five thoughts inspired by three days in Liverpool

On industry, transport and name recognition.

On the joys of being lost in a new city

Just don't call me a flâneur.

Property bargain of the week: own Harry Potter's house

Well isn’t that just wizard.

How London became the first smart city back in 1854

John Snow knew something about data.

Where is England's fourth city?

A five-way battle.

Want a Blue Plaque? Here's how to guarantee you'll get one

Commemorate good times, c'mon!

What if you could listen to your street?

Your street is music

What's the roundest country on earth?

Don't act like you're not interested.

The Google Autocomplete Tour of Europe

What does the internet think of Europe’s cities?

Quiz: Name the country

Was all that time staring at maps wasted?

Quiz: Spot the odd one out

A quick geography test.

Car parks, cathedrals and canvas: Turning Salisbury into a festival stage

The director of the Salisbury International Arts Festival speaks.

When food is the question, cities are the answer

The chair of the London Food Board on the urban food policy.

Diesel pollution: the invisible killer on our city streets

Air pollution causes 40,0000 premature deaths a year.

What makes a great city in a game?

Imaginary cities.

Is “Paris Syndrome” actually a real thing?

Somewhere between an urban myth and a psychological phenomenon.

Where is the world's largest Christmas tree?

What even is a Christmas tree? What is Christmas? Why are we here?

Eight years out, preparations for a third UK city to be European Capital of Culture are already underway

So what can Leeds, Milton Keynes and Dundee learn from Liverpool?

Bored at work? Here’s a Google-style digital map of the Roman Empire to play with

All roads lead to, well, they don’t, actually.

Paris: How does a city mourn?

Community spirit.

What will rising sea levels do to the world's megacities?

Goldfish shoals, nibbling at your toes.

You can now download fully searchable Google Maps to use them offline

The news we’ve all been waiting for.

This is how other cities marked the Paris attacks

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

In Bristol, a vibrant tech sector is driving a creative renaissance, too

Non-conformism, curiosity and innovation.

Here are 13 stunning pictures of cities in the fog

Is that... what is... Nope, no idea.

What would London's tube map sound like? One composer decided to find out

"The music is written, but the piece is improvised."

Cities will make or break any deal on carbon emissions. Here's why

A little less conversation, a little more action.

How do population projections work?

Some educated guesswork.

Here's a map of some of London's finest city farms

What? We just really like farms.

This map shows how prepared for climate change 30 UK cities are

It's not looking great for Belfast or Derry.

Cities, cyborgs and social science: how will we live in the year 2065?

On smart cities, smart dependency, and the ESRC.

Ashley Madison leak: Which cities do users live in?

Sao Paolo, we're looking at you.

Bits of 50 Chinese cities are falling over thanks to subsidence

Also contains Barbara Windsor. (No, really.)

Here are our best articles on history and futurology

The past, the future and other ideas.