The hypocrisy of Europe's big corporate landlords

Despite charitable giving, they've offered little relief to struggling tenants.

Outdoor dining is a lifeline for restaurants, but cities don’t always make it easy

Five cities show what can go wrong, and how it can be done right.

In South Africa's cities, evictions are happening despite a national ban

The main targets are residents living in informal dwellings.

To see how a city embraces remote work, look to Helsinki

Before Covid, Finland already displayed impressive levels of remote working.

How the rise of anti-crime politics caused lasting harm to Black Americans

Law professor James Forman Jr. discusses the dangers of overreacting to an uptick in violent crime.

How Covid-19 is shifting 'smart city' priorities

High-profile projects have been scaled down or scrapped. Instead, economic recovery and digital inclusion are the focus.

In Paris, the pandemic gave a boost to urban farms

“For the first time people realised the value of local agriculture.”

7 smart and simple ways public spaces are being adapted for social distancing

People now need helpful cues to navigate familiar spaces. These designs show how it can be done.

How the urban-rural divide is undermining China's economic success

Restrictions on rural citizens reinforce discrimination and a persistent wealth gap, the writer Dexter Roberts says.

Urgently needed: Timely, more detailed standardized data on US evictions

A newly created database is a good start, but nowhere near enough.

Could zoning help the UK build its way out of a housing crisis?

A new report suggests a plan to address failures in the UK housing market.

In the Covid era, the relationship between cities and megadevelopments makes even less sense

The demise of Sidewalk Labs’ Waterfront Toronto project may only be the beginning.

British cities face a long overdue reckoning with racist monuments

Protesters in Bristol have opened the floodgates across the UK.

In Medellín, a museum takes an essential role in the city's pandemic response

Museo Casa de Memoria has leaned into its role as a clear communicator and witness to history.

The rare challenge of building a pandemic memorial

Unlike wars, terrorism, or other disasters, surprisingly little has been done to commemorate victims of disease.

In expensive cities, the future of residential construction is deeply uncertain

An adequate housing stock is crucial to any city’s health.

Covid-19 is highlighting cities' unequal access to green space

Our interactive tool shows how much green space people have access to across England.

This week's protests have already led several US cities to remove racist monuments

It's happened in Philadelphia, Alexandria and Birmingham.

We run housing policy for three European cities. Here's what governments must do next

Much more needs to be done to protect households from the long-term economic impacts of the pandemic.

On boarded-up storefronts, muralists offer words of hope

A public art project aims to bring a sense of liveliness to the streets during lockdown.

Brasília at 60: Behind one of the world’s most intriguing planned cities

The Brazilian capital remains a city of contrasts and disparities.

How the pandemic upended crime patterns

An examination of April crime statistics across eight US cities.

Scenes from Naples, Italy: A city changed by lockdown

People walking outside see a different city than the one they left two months ago.

A very American form of essential work: Gun-violence prevention

There's another epidemic in American cities, and it's only gotten harder to address.

How a shuttered London Underground station became a model for green energy

A groundbreaking new facility will power 550 homes with excess heat from public transport.

In Helsinki's climate plan, community comes before bureaucracy

The city reports success with encouraging people to enjoy the city in sustainable ways.

Medical workers' principle of mutual aid is a call to action for designers, too

The pandemic presents problems that require urgent, pragmatic action from the design profession.

Should cities be turning golf courses into parks?

Another unlikely question raised by the pandemic.

Slums are becoming a focal point of the Covid-19 outbreak

The coronavirus poses a special threat to these poor, dense, underserved communities.

Why US cities haven't just given every homeless person a hotel room during the pandemic

“We're in a build-the-plane-while-you-are-flying-it mode here."

As hospitals turn to tents, architects see promise in shipping containers

Customised "pods" may be a better fit for treating Covid-19.

How to think about loneliness in the midst of a pandemic

A conversation with the executive director of the Campaign to End Loneliness.

Here’s how cities can protect creative industries from gentification

A proposal for better funding of cultural infrastructure.

Minimum Space Standards are making the housing crisis worse

Over consumption and reduced supply.

What’s actually in the “Building Better Building Beautiful” Commission’s report?

“New places are designed by the wheelie bin operators.”

“When we plan for walkability, we need to factor in behavior”: the case for continuous pavements

An extract from a new book, Soft City: Building Density for Everyday Life

This is the local economies election

From Huyton to Hackney, it is now clearer than ever that the UK needs a new social and economic contract.

We face an accessible housing crisis of our own making

And the next government needs to fix it.

Should Manchester pedestrianise Deansgate?

Let’s look at the evidence.

The supply obsession won’t solve the housing crisis

The cast against more bloody houses.

The case for a new Healthy Homes Act

No, the TCPA isn’t only interested in new towns.

Has Jacob Rees-Mogg just come out as a YIMBY?

Build more blasted houses, if you please.

The movement to democratise London’s public spaces

How do you create a city for everyone?

Can places make us healthier?

Sick city syndrome.

Could a housing court fix the UK’s rental woes?

Reaching the steps of the courthouse is uncommon for most renters looking to address a housing case.

Is the era of multibillion-pound embassies in west London mansions over?

The real victims of the housing crisis.

Park Life: A brief history of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Early blogger Samuel Pepys was apparently fond of the lobster.

In Wakefield, regeneration is reliant on charity funding

Northern Powerhouse, where art thou?

Who is Syria’s reconstruction for?

In post-conflict Syria, reconstruction projects risk silencing local voices.

Neo Bankside v Tate Modern: A tale of two windows

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Park Life: On Burgess Park, the ever growing open space in south London

Highlights include: the absence of a canal.

“Gleaming skyscrapers built alongside medieval churches”

The Corporation of London’s chair of planning, on the future of the City.

Park Life: On the repeated incineration of Alexandra Palace

Fire and mini golf in north London.

When holidaying goes very wrong: Paris, Jerusalem and Florence Syndromes

The French capital has a literal helpline for overwhelmed Japanese tourists.

In defence of moving to zone 4

I’m in a wide open space.

American cities are in crisis. So why is Richard Florida exporting their lessons?

The guru of the “creative class” thinks the developing world should follow America’s lead.

Germania: Hitler’s failed plan to tear down Berlin and build a Nazi Supercity

The first glaring problem is the obviously very boring name.

Park Life: In search of the lost palace of Wanstead Park

In the first of a new column, Ed gets lost in Epping Forest.

What will the future of housing look like?

Some futurology, from House Network.

Eritrea’s Modernist architecture: a striking reminder of years of oppression

After fascist rule in the 1930s, its capital Asmara is still a city of contrasts.

Help to Buy is finally being scrapped. Here’s why it was a terrible idea

Bad news for developers, good news for first-time buyers.

In many ways, smart cities are really very dumb

But if we can change them, it could benefit us all.

Yes, the Olympics are expensive – but they can also be an investment

Why do we not resent other similar large-scale projects?

Why I wrote an alternative masterplan for Newport, South Wales

Not just another post-industrial city.

Look up! Among the skyscrapers! On superheroes and the American City

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s some guy out of a comic.

In defence of ‘brownfield-first’ housing policies

The co-ordinator of the Smart Growth UK coalition on the case for prioritising brownfield sites.

A brief history, and the murky future, of Britain’s almshouses

Many still require residents to hold specific religious beliefs.

In London, cranes can be as significant as what they build – or destroy

On the true meaning of the capital’s cranes.

Building the future requires massive small change

An extract from Kelvin Campbell’s new book.

Podcast: Lies, damned lies and the CPRE

Today we are angry.

Bridging the divide: landscapes and lawmakers in Ronda, home of Spanish romanticism

Officials prize the bridge, locals prioritise convenience.

Some thoughts on why Sheffield’s economy has struggled

Hard times in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire.

5 ways London’s waterways will be shaped by the Canal & River Trust’s new mooring strategy

With an extra 1,500 boats expected by 2022, the report affects everybody’s access to the capital’s canals.

In Canada, it’s time to challenge the myths about millennials and housing

No, they don’t all want to live in cupboards.

How innovative home design could revolutionise dementia care – and even slow down symptoms

Without a miracle drug on the horizon, architects are getting creative.

Podcast: Victoriana

Bazelgette and co.

A very brief history of council housing

A review of Municipal Dreams, by John Boughton.

How the future of farming lies in our inner-cities

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

The hidden wartime history of London’s fences

These metal railings are more interesting than they look, honest.

Can Brighton really save its West Pier?

“It’s fallen in the water!”

The history of Brick Lane Mosque tells the story of the East End’s immigrant past

From Protestant Church to Jewish Synagoge to Great Mosque.

Could a notorious prison offer an escape route from London’s housing crisis?

And what does it tell us about the next Labour government?

Can better planning fix the problems that led to Brexit?

The best of the 2018 Awards for Planning Excellence.

What does Battersea Power Station signify?

Signs and signifiers.

How Beirut is breaking down the divisions of its past

Campaigning to protect war-era buildings.

Estate regeneration ballots can’t be a referendum of whether to build new homes at all

The Labour mayor of Hackney on the role of democracy in regeneration schemes.

What I learned by watching French property programmes

Recherche appartement ou maison.

Urbicide: the killing of a city is an attack on the human condition

City scapes remain the plaything of the powerful.

16 things we learned from a list of every single road name in Great Britain

We swear we didn't just look for the rudest names.

So how can we prevent fatbergs?

Monsters beneath our feet.

Beijing’s mass eviction programme is leaving workers out in the cold

A brutal way to keep the population down.

How can city governments ensure better public health?

Better incentives, better design.

Inside Antigone, Montpellier’s postmodern dystopia

Who knew that naming things after tragic heroines would end badly?

On Walter Benjamin, and the “Arcades Project”

The greatest urban theorist you’ve never heard of.

Cities can now measure tranquility, on a scale of 1-10

What is measured doesn’t move.

What is to be done? Some modest suggestions on solving the NIMBY problem

Do you have a licence to oppose this development, sir?

I spent an afternoon exploring Milton Keynes. Here’s everything I learned

An American city that got lost on its way to Ohio.

Here’s how councils can jumpstart housebuilding

An ambitious package of policy reforms.

New Urbanism isn’t dead – but thanks to climate change, it is evolving

Climate change breathes new life into the movement’s mission

“Earlier this year, a boy hit me on the street near my house.”

If women built cities: a personal reflection.

Oh good, another pretty picture which won’t solve any of London’s actual problems

Do you want to be responsible for the next Thomas Heatherwick? Do you?

Berlin offers a model for how cities can cope with increasingly regular extreme floods

Stadtschwamm; or how to stop the stadt from schwimming

Where did Liverpool start?

A castle by a pond.

How can we judge infrastructure spending?

Infrastructure investment ≠ growth.

Where’s the oldest part of Birmingham?

In search of Ye Olde Brumme.

The view from Sacré-Cœur: on Paris, London and the case for urban density

“London should not be afraid to outgrow its own trees.”

The British housing crisis, in five charts

Or: why the Conservative party is in huge, long-term trouble.

The Grenfall Tower fire highlights a broken social housing system

The ugly side of the regeneration agenda.

The real losers of this election were landlords, apparently

Won’t someone think of the rentiers?

How can we make venues safer?

After Paris, after Manchester.

Which is the largest city in Europe?

The dark star meets its match

Mexico City is drinking itself into the ground

The soil beneath the city can't Az-tec it anymore.

The new green belt atlas shows quite how much space England has left for housing

A golf course is just a housing estate you haven't met yet.

Paris has a watery dream of swimming in the Seine – but can the planners take the plunge?

Paris is a man in his twenties in love with swimming outdoors, after all.

How can city car parks help solve the housing crisis?

Build high for happiness.

Where are the right places for England's new homes?

More importantly: where do we want them to be?

Is it quicker to build homes on large sites, or small?

And you shall know our velocity.

Protecting the view: how St Paul's Cathedral has been shaping the rest of London for centuries

If you really like looking at St Paul's that much, go marry it.

What happens when urban development corporations inexplicably decide to make terrible pop music?

The worst development corporation pop anthems in the UK… ever!

How London lost its Eiffel Tower

It could have been a contender. It could have been some city.

How can we engineer our cities to protect against the threats of the 21st century?

Roger Nickells, CEO of BuroHappold Engineering, discusses the threats facing 21st-century cities and how we can protect against them.

In pictures: the bridges of Baghdad

Iraqi infrastructure down the years.

Will Habitat III defend the “Right to the City”?

A new approach to human rights.

Where are the world's largest cities?

For all your demographic needs.

Don't build castles without planning permission: a cautionary tale

A man's home is his illegal mock Tudor castle.

Gentrification is killing Berlin's techno scene

Techno techno techno techno.

China bans "weird" architecture in cities

No more Eiffel towers.

This one chart explains why young Londoners are so angry about housing

Actually there are three charts, but... oh, you’ll see.

Estate regeneration can be done well. Here’s how

Seven habits of highly effective regenerations.

Could a new city and a mile-high tower prevent natural disasters in Tokyo?

"But, like, harvesting water from the clouds, yeah?"

The places that maps forgot

The tea caddy that wronged New Zealand, and other sad tales.

2015: The year we built more skyscrapers than ever before

Because steel and glass phalluses still mean power.

Here are our favourite map stories from 2015

We all know what you're here for.

How good is Isis at running cities?

Or: why Luton really needs to up its bin collection game.

London could be getting a whole new set of pedestrian bridges

Walk on through to the other side.

Five new buildings changing the tone of their cities

New directions in putting things on top of other things.

Dubai and New York are both grand, vertiginous cities. So why is only one of them full of surprises?

"If you find other people irritating, Dubai is very attractive."

Shock news: street names are sexist

And last we checked, the Pope's Catholic.

What are the largest urban areas in Britain?

Britain's cities, ranked.

Ninevah, Antioch, Lepcis Magna: The "global cities" of the Ancient World

Three ancient cities to rival London, Paris and New York

Game: Can you identify these cities from space?

CityMetric goes interactive.

Where are the largest cities in Britain?

Asking the big questions. (Geddit?)

The rebirth of Britain's inner cities, mapped

The city is up, and the suburbs are down.

No. 4: Ross-shire and Cromartyshire, two Scottish counties for the price of one

A tale of pedantry and Restoration social climbing in the Highlands.

Experiments in socialist urbanism: From Red Vienna to Red Bologna

Two different examples of what happens when socialists control urban policy.