The future is here: Register now for Barcelona’s New Economy Week

The conference will encompass five interconnected events incorporating real estate, logistics, digital industry, e-commerce and economic zones.

Meet Abu Dhabi’s blockchain and decentralisation wunderkind

Derick Smith, founder and CEO of AmmbrTech Limited, opened his first company at the age of 19.

Investor Insights: Mubadala on how startups can get investment-ready

Mubadala is an investment company with $232bn worth of assets under management.

How one firm in Abu Dhabi is changing the data security game

InCountry allows companies in any country to store their data locally.

Startup Insights: How Techstars’ accelerator programme is changing the world

The firm has made a name for itself because of a prescient ability to choose and mentor successful startups.

Startup Insights: Microsoft on early-stage tech startups

What early-stage tech startups need to do to successfully scale, according to Sayed Hashish, General Manager of Microsoft UAE.

Big data success in the Middle East: how Microsoft is helping young startups

The world’s tech movers and shakers are an increasingly global bunch.

CityMetric is now City Monitor! Come see us at our new home

Our new site is dedicated to the future of cities.

How the pandemic is magnifying structural problems in America's housing market

"Golden Gates" author Conor Dougherty discusses why it's so hard for so many to keep a roof over their heads.

The hypocrisy of Europe's big corporate landlords

Despite charitable giving, they've offered little relief to struggling tenants.

Uber and Lyft are cutting even further into the taxi market during the pandemic

In New York and Chicago, ride-hailing apps have accounted for more than 90 percent of trips taken during lockdown.

To see how a city embraces remote work, look to Helsinki

Before Covid, Finland already displayed impressive levels of remote working.

How Covid-19 is shifting 'smart city' priorities

High-profile projects have been scaled down or scrapped. Instead, economic recovery and digital inclusion are the focus.

Pandemic-era planning makes it clear: Micromobility companies brought a distraction, not a revolution

Cities are seeing now that they have what they need to reach their mobility goals.

In Paris, the pandemic gave a boost to urban farms

“For the first time people realised the value of local agriculture.”

After Sidewalk Labs, the 'techlash' movement turns its eyes to contact tracing apps

"What about technology in cities are we not getting a chance to imagine by letting private companies do it for us?”

How cities are seizing the moment to focus on climate and equity

“We have one opportunity to get this right."

A new wave of remote workers could bring lasting change to pricey rental markets

As Silicon Valley embraces telework, monthly rents are dropping in the area.

Bank branches are closing, and they’re leaving the most disadvantaged areas behind

Underserved neighbourhoods already have fewer banks, and they're losing them faster, a CityMetric analysis shows.

When rethinking the streets, don't forget the power of cargo bikes

Those new cycling networks can be used to transport goods as well as people.

In the Covid era, the relationship between cities and megadevelopments makes even less sense

The demise of Sidewalk Labs’ Waterfront Toronto project may only be the beginning.

Typically crushed by tourists, summer hotspots aren't sure what happens next

As tourism has disappeared, the effects of building an economy around it are coming into stark relief.

Airbnb rentals are reverting to long-term housing. That may not change the affordability crisis

A slight drop in some cities' rents could be limited to the upper end of the market.

In expensive cities, the future of residential construction is deeply uncertain

An adequate housing stock is crucial to any city’s health.

What's actually in the UK government’s bailout package for Transport for London?

Rapid changes to London’s transport policy were an explicit condition of the deal.

Coming soon to cities everywhere: PPE vending machines

It's a simple concept that makes a ton of sense.

How the pandemic interrupted a banner year for plastic bag bans

In the US, the plastics industry played a role.

As the world stays home, street vendors fight to survive

“I’ve had customers call me, they say they miss my sandwiches, but they can’t go out right now.”

How job types and industries are influencing regional differences in the UK’s lockdown

The degree to which Britons have cut down on travel might have more to do with their job than their politics.

For renters, an affordable housing crisis was already raging. Then coronavirus hit

Landlords are reporting notable decreases in rent payments, and it's only the first month.

For centuries, London has been the work capital of the world

An extract from Migrant City: A New History of London.

How America prostrated itself before Amazon – and how New York took a stand

A long read on “the Hunger Games for cities”.

Podcast: Public enterprise

On enterprise zones and big data.

Is all economics local?

Some are more equal than others.

Why do businesses continue to cluster in London?

Trade, talent and time zones.

Three ways the geography of Britain’s exports has changed since 1841

From red brick factories to glass skyscrapers.

What should the new North of Tyne mayor’s priorities be?

England’s newest metro mayor will be elected next month.

Beyond Preston: How local wealth building is taking the UK by storm

Local wealth building is slaying the neoliberal dragon of trickle-down economics

Podcast: Flying high

Drones above the high streets of Britain.

Poorer cities have borne the brunt of austerity. Time to fix it, Chancellor

The chief executive of the Centre for Cities on its latest survey of urban Britain.

To tackle peak tourism, we need collective solutions

Even if you think you're a traveller, you're still just another bloody tourist.

So why isn’t Newcastle booming?

Office space, the final frontier.

A brief history of airline booking systems

Are algorithms trying to steal our children?

So is London really a drain on the rest of the country?

Twitter should be fun after this one.

Can an algorithm predict which businesses will close?

Researchers are trying to find out.

What can cities do about over-tourism?

Too many tourisms.

“The enabling authority”: What explains Warrington’s economic boom?

Highest productivity in the north west, fact fans.

How shipping containers changed the world – and your day-to-day life

Look around you. Almost everything you see was once inside one.

Which English cities have the most fast food outlets? Here’s a map

Oh, a north/south divide, I am shocked.

Which UK cities will suffer most from the end of Freedom of Movement?

When do we get our £300m a week, exactly?

A brief history of the rise and fall of the department store

Shaping the high street, putting on a show.

“Who is Hackney for?” Mayor Philip Glanville on the borough’s controversial changes to nightlife licencing

The Labour mayor on the east London borough’s decision to introduce ‘curfews’ for new nightlife venues.

Some thoughts on why Sheffield’s economy has struggled

Hard times in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire.

Route 66 built communities. The interstate system destroyed them again

A brief history of America’s most famous road.

Poor productivity and high housing costs are driving a “living standards exodus” from London

Someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this, my family is dying.

No, crazy house price increases are not purely a London phenomenon

How have house prices changed in Britain’s biggest cities?

The most important graph in British economics

Agglomeration disbenefits.

Liverpool shows how a city can stand out to investors

Think globally, but don’t forget your roots.

Podcast: Industrial revolution, industrial decline

A guest episode, from the Centre for Cities.

“Who wants to be rich in a country that isn’t fair?” On London’s pro-Labour business community

A Labour councillor and businessmen on changing attitudes in the capital’s boardrooms.

England should look to the United States to revive its local economies

Time for a place-based industrial strategy.

Podcast: A local pound for local people

No better than Trump/

Thames Water has let Londoners down. It needs to do better

A Labour member of the London Assembly on the city’s water provider.

Can you have capitalism without capital? Brighton, Ankara, Ghent and the intangible economy

Bright sparks, big ideas and black clouds on the A23.

“The Midlands and the North of England are more exposed to Brexit than any other region in Europe”

There is no real representation from either the most exposed sectors or the most exposed regions

International students enrich cities like Coventry – but that could change

Does the UK really want to turn its back on £22.6bn?

On Walter Benjamin, and the “Arcades Project”

The greatest urban theorist you’ve never heard of.

A brief history of London’s Christmas lights

Oh, it’s all commercial these days.

What’s the matter with Sheffield?

Trouble in the People’s Republic.

Does the UK really have a productivity problem?

A question of definition.

To bring back trust in politics, Britain needs a local measure of GDP

Nobody noticed when the South Yorkshire economy collapsed.

Here’s why rent control might make the housing crisis worse

To tackle the housing crisis, we need to build more houses.

Here’s why we should Build More Bloody Offices in Liverpool

This month’s letter from the Liverpool City Region

Here’s why counting houses is hard

Wait... how many?

Can Britain cope with a fall in house prices?

Build more bloody financial implosions.

What is the death of the British pub doing to our love lives?

Sex on CityMetric, Beryl! I shall write to my MP.

It’s a KIBS thing: Are some British cities going backwards?

Questions to which the answer is erm.

Rebalancing the regions: How cities can help drive investment

Brought to you by Capital Real Estate.

How can we stop city breaks killing our cities?

Turnover is vanity, and profit margins are sanity.

In Dreamland: Can gentrification save Margate?

Oh we do like to be besides the seaside.

The ATM is 50. Here’s how a hole in the wall changed the world

A brief history of cash machines, obviously.

Podcast: Bouncing back

De-industrialisation and everything after.

Want to grow the British economy? Learn the lessons of Germany's Mittelstand

The LibDem candidate to be mayor of the West Midlands on what we can learn from the German economy.

Rural pubs are closing at an alarming rate

The heart of the community.

Why is Yorkshire so bad at exporting?

Answers on a postcard.

How did London come to be the world’s greatest financial hub?

The rise – and fall? – of the City of London.

Where do Britain's graduates move to – and why?

Exploring the brain drain.

In which British cities do people work from home?

Land of Hope and Pyjamas

Why are private delivery firms so terrible?

Missing presents and parcels in bins.

Autumn statement: Letting fees are awful, and Philip Hammond is right to ban them

A sad day for the noble guild of estate agents.

The decision to expand Heathrow is a betrayal of the Attlee government's New Towns programme

“To create jobs in Berkshire, it will take jobs from Sussex.”

How does the economy of Liverpool compare with similar cities?

This could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool, or Nice.

Here's why building more houses isn't enough to bring prices down

Build more bloody non-market houses.

British cities are falling behind their European competitors – so what do we do?

Funny how this didn't come up in the referendum.

The vast majority of British cities are less productive than the European average

We need to stop telling ourselves we're a rich country.

Could a regional banking system close the north-south divide?

Lessons from history, Germany and the US.

Mildly depressing housing chart of the week: summer doldrums

A new feature that'll appear in the regular slot of whenever we can be bothered.

Quiz: Can you name the British city from a chart of its economy?

Mmmm.... knowledge-intensive business services...

Is the night tube good for London?

Well, it depends how you count...

Five ways Britain’s industrial strategy can make the most of devolution

The powerhouse is dead – long live the powerhouse.

The progressive case for Uber

Share and share alike.

Which cities get the most international visitors?

Top of the pops, but for business travellers with expense accounts.

What turns a city into a music superstar?

Lessons from Reykjavik, lessons for Melbourne.

Are booming cities always growing cities too?

It's the economy, stupid.

The week in Airbnb drama


In Bristol, a vibrant tech sector is driving a creative renaissance, too

Non-conformism, curiosity and innovation.

How can British cities attract start ups?

We can't all be Silicon Fen.

Are umbrellas the next frontier in the sharing economy?

Uber, but for keeping your hair dry.

Where are England's most deprived communities?

Islington's less posh than you think.

How should the British government deal with the Teesside steel closure?

Time to foster new industries in Middlesbrough.

Where are Britain's cheapest houses?

The other end of the ladder.

Where are Britain's most expensive houses?

The golden triangle strikes again.

Uber will collect your refugee donations for free today

Swallow your Uber-hatred, it's for a good cause.

A brief guide to Tianjin, past, present and future

China's cities have made history. Now it's time to make them safer

For London to live up to its promise, employers need to recruit from outside their comfort zone

"We cannot build a socially mobile society simply on the backs of entrepreneurs."

Which British cities are most dependent on the state?

It's a little bit more complicated than that actually.

Where are the UK’s most productive cities?

It’s not as simple as north vs south.

How did London become ground zero for the global plutocracy?

The safest place to hide your money.

Flights to Scotland and the north are being squeezed out. That's why we need to expand Heathrow

Domestic destinations served from Heathrow: 19 in 1990, 7 in 2014.

Why London should bid to be the next City of Culture

A year of cultural excitement in Zones two to six.

London’s population is being hollowed out

And it's happening most in the outer boroughs.

Why do some cities create jobs, while others lose them?

The Centre for Cities has been crunching the data.

London doesn't only need houses – we should protect its industrial land, too

A city needs jobs, goods and services, too.

How did London escape the Great Recession?

Not just surviving, but thriving.

The cities of southern England are undergoing a population boom

But growth creates its own challenges.

The cities of southern England are undergoing a population boom

But growth creates its own challenges.

Chinese visitors are shunning London

In 2013, the British capital received fewer Chinese tourists than Vancouver or Cairns.

Is manufacturing moving back to cities?

The industrial revolution, take 3.

Mapping London's residential rents

Reach for the skies!

Busting the myth of China’s property bubble

Prices are levelling, not falling.

Uber fired a driver for tweeting mean stuff about them

They also have a really embarrassing email signoff.

Italy's north-south divide in one chart

You think we’ve got problems.

The Digital Bottleneck: why the UK needs Gigabit Cities

Sponsored post: CityFibre discusses how to upgrade Britain's digital infrastructure.

The London problem in two charts

The capital's economy: bigger than the next eight English cities combined

Chart: Glasgow's growth is lagging behind other Scottish cities

The city's economy has barely grown in a decade.

Dubai is spending $32bn on building the world's largest airport

My name is Al Maktoum International, airport of airports.

6 things we learnt from The Instant City

Flatpack cities could be on their way.

Chart: Hong Kong on course to be China’s 9th city within a decade

Chongqing, Chengdu and Wuhan all set to overtake by 2022.

Chart: Why the French government wants to tackle Paris’s housing crisis

Dreaming of a Parisian pied-à-terre? Dream on.

Why do most city branding campaigns fail?

Actions speak louder than words.

If you live in Sheffield you probably can't read this

When it comes to internet speeds, some cities are more equal than others.

A controversial new app tells you where the “sketchy” parts of US cities are

Developers face questions about whether this counts as racist.

Chart: If you want a cheap house, don't go to Australia

Perth's house prices have doubled in five years

Why skyscrapers show capitalism at its worst – and its most sublime

On the hubristic desire to mine money from the air.

Stratford or the Royal Docks: the race to be London’s third business district

Two Newham districts are vying to host 80,000 new jobs. But can they really compete against central London or Canary Wharf?

Chart: Abu Dhabi ascends, Dubai rebounds

But Ajman may be the one to watch.

Uber is now integrated into Google Maps and the New York Subway

It's easier than ever to experience surge pricing.

The London development without a poor door

Because providing affordable housing is too expensive.

Could the UK’s next big export be urban development?

We already have a “future cities industry”, apparently.

Dubai's property developers are going nuts again

World's largest. World's largest. World's largest.

London has more branches of Starbucks than any EU country

And not one of them is in Hackney.

Believe it or not, London doesn't have enough offices

We're demolishing the equivalent of seven Shards, says Deloitte.