Bonus podcast: Yes we Khan

Sadiq Khan, now London's mayor, on the campaign trail. Image: Getty.

Last Thursday, as you'll probably know, if you haven't been living under a rock on the outskirts of Syria Planum, London held a mayoral election. After his 57:43 victory, Labour's Sadiq Khan has taken over at City Hall, in the process becoming the first Muslim to preside over a major western city.

We decided we couldn't let this pass without comment. So in a special bonus edition of our podcast, Barbara and I are joined by the New Statesman's special correspondent Stephen Bush to talk about the politics of London's mayoral election, and what Khan's victory means for the city.

We also talk about Marvin Rees' victory over George Ferguson in Bristol, and discuss what the arrival next year of mayors for England's city regions will mean for existing city mayors like Rees and Liverpool's Joe Anderson. All that, and Stephen treats us to a rousing chorus of his top 10 hit "Metro, metro mayor", too. It's a hell of a 15 minutes.

You can listen here:

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Podcast: Uber & out

Uber no more. Image: Getty.

Oh, capitalism. You had a good run. But then Transport for London decided to ask Uber to take some responsibility for the safety of its passengers, and thus did what 75 years of Soviet Communism failed to do and overthrew the entire economic system of the Western world. Thanks, Sadiq, thanks a lot.

In the unlikely event you've missed the news, the story so far: TfL has ruled that Uber is not a fit and proper company to operate cabs, and revoked its licence. Uber has three weeks to appeal before its cabs need to get off the road.

To commemorate this sad day, I've dragged Stephen Bush back into the podcasting basement, so we can don black arm bands and debate what all this means – for London, for Uber, for the future (if it has one) of capitalism.

May god have mercy on our souls.

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